Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

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It’s so easy to stay within your comfort zone, but if you want to grow and succeed, you will need to get outside of it.  If you want to be a manager or in charge of a group of people, but you’re not comfortable talking in front of people, how do you expect to get to be a good boss?  You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations to gain new knowledge and experience.

When I first got to my job, I didn’t have any specific role, but I’m not one to sit and waste my days away.  I said, “what can I do?”  I finally got my first responsibility and no one else knew how to do it, so I was learning on the fly.  I felt like I was still wasting my day.  I asked, “What else can I do?”  As time continued, I was able to gain more responsibilities.  One of these things was giving classes to a group of individuals.  When I first started, I was always nervous.  I was shaking and I just wanted to get it over with and spoke really fast.  There were also times where I would try and get out of it, so that way I wouldn’t put myself in such an uncomfortable position.  However, the more I talked in front of people, the better I became.  The better I became, the more I realized that I wouldn’t be any good at public speaking if I didn’t continue talking in front of people and working on my craft.  I definitely still have a lot to learn, but I am miles ahead of where I was several years ago.

The point is: if you never put yourself in a position that you’ve never been before, you will never be able to reach your full potential.  If I never put myself in the position of speaking in front of people, I would not be writing this blog or be able to talk in public without feeling awkward or that all eyes were on me.  I was able to overcome the fear of talking in public and I’m able to spread more knowledge.  Learn something new today and try something new today.  Don’t waste your life staying comfortable or you will never reach your true potential and become successful.

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