Give Up and Give Back

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What a weird title for a blog that’s supposed to motivate and inspire people, right?  Most people preach to never give up and always continue on the path to success.  That’s not what I mean when I say give up.  When I say give up, I mean give up yourself to something greater.  I have said in the past, that in order to succeed and to continue down the road of success, you must always remember your purpose.  Many people take to religion to give themselves up for.  I’m not saying that in order to be successful, you must be religious and believe in God and go to church every Sunday.  What I’m saying is, you must believe in something greater than yourself.  I am very family oriented.  I have a wife, a daughter and more children to come.  I do not feel successful if my family is struggling or we’re not in the best position in life.  That is something that I give myself up for.  I give myself up for family to make sure their life is better than mine.  As a parent, all you can ask for is that your children live a better life than you did growing up.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had given six rules of success.  His sixth rule was give something back.  He goes into further detail and saying find time to give something back to your community, state or country.  Giving help to others will give you more satisfaction that ever before.  There are so many ways to give back to your community whether that’s at a local church, a school or a non-profit organization.  Giving back to those who may be less fortunate then yourselves is such a rewarding experience.  Give back to help people and don’t go looking to be recognized for it.  I see it too many times that people volunteer to get some sort of recognition instead of just helping someone to help them.  It’s like helping an elderly lady only if people are watching and making sure they see you do it, instead of doing it out of the kindness of your heart.

Let’s reiterate the main points.  Give up yourself to something greater, whether that’s God, family or business.  Whatever gives you purpose, hold on to that and don’t let go.  Give back to your community whether that’s an organization like Habitat for Humanity or the Salvation Army, or giving time to mentor or tutor the younger generation.  You will feel rewarded by spending your time helping others.  Stop making excuses and start bettering the rest of your life.

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