Effective Time Management

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As I have grown up, I have realized how difficult and important effective time management is.  I used to “wing it” or “go with the flow”, but in order to get ahead in life I realized I couldn’t do that anymore.  I’ve started with to-do lists, which is nice to have what needs to happen written down, but what happens when that list is two pages long? Where do you start?

The answer is: start with a schedule.  It’s important to allot time to certain events.  Use a planner, an app or even a sheet of paper.  Set a time to wake up and REMEMBER why you chose that time.  The mind can be very fickle and without an extra push, it won’t do what you want.  Write out the rest of your schedule and try to accomplish as much as you can, but be realistic.  If you set out trying to accomplish 15 time consuming tasks in a day, then you will get discouraged if you can’t get them all done.  Keeping a to-do list isn’t a terrible idea; however, prioritizing and planning is how you will make the most out of your day.

Another idea is having a weekly schedule.  What that consists of is each day is you are to accomplish tasks pertaining to the subject at hand.  What I like to use is an Excel worksheet.  If you’re in school, each night you can study for a different subject.  If you are struggling with maintaining a clean home, allot days to clean.  What I do is every Tuesday I do a deep clean of the bedrooms and on Thursdays I clean the bathrooms to ensure I do not need to spend an entire day or more cleaning the home.  It can be utilized at work as well.  Every Monday have a weekly meeting with the team.  Every Friday, follow up on project etc.

Start every day with a purpose.  Write down your goals and set out to do what you need to do to be successful.  After the shooting in Las Vegas, it is even more apparent that life is too short not to live it to the fullest.  Push yourself!  Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  No more excuses!  Prioritize!

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