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Fear can either motivate you or discourage you.  Which one will you allow to happen to you?  No one likes to end on a bad note, so let’s start with how it can discourage you.  It seems obvious, but I want to paint the picture between the two.  I am currently doing online college to obtain my bachelor’s degree.  Due to my profession, tuition is covered unless I receive below a C.  I don’t always make the appropriate time and effort to complete my work, which means it’s Sunday night and all my tests and assignments are due in a couple of hours.  I fear that if I do not complete all the assignments on time, I will fail the course, pay for the course and jeopardize the financial stability of my family.  That’s extremely discouraging and adds a lot of pressure.

Nobody likes to feel fear.  So let that fear motivate you.  let it motivate you to not feel that fear again.  I hate feeling discouraged by my predicament on Sunday, so I need to motivate myself and change my mindset to complete my assignments earlier.  I should spread the assignments out throughout the week so it is less stressful and it will make me feel proud each day that I accomplished something.  If you have a dream to be healthy and fit, but you’re afraid of how others will look at you in the gym, how do you expect to live your dream?  Turn that fear into a drive.  Having fear control your life is just one more excuse that you don’t need in your life.

When have you let fear discourage you?  When have you let fear motivate you?  Share your story.

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