Fight or Flight

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My wife will be giving birth on Monday, which means she’s in her nesting period right now.  We both are stretching ourselves very thin in order to get everything cleaned and ready for the new baby.  Last night, we took care of our grocery shopping, which takes hours because we have to go to different stores.  We got home late and fed our almost 2 year old and had dinner.  We then put her down to sleep and began cleaning the refrigerator, pantry and living room.  We pushed ourselves to our limits and when we went to bed after midnight, we immediately passed out.  As I was falling asleep, I heard my daughter start to cry.  I was so exhausted, that I let her cry a couple times to see if she would just go back to sleep.  She stopped for a split second and I thought it was going to be ok, but then I heard her cry clearly and then muffled and I knew what was going on.  I jumped up out of bed worried and peered into her room.  I saw she was on her knees, I turned on the light and she had thrown up her dinner in her bed.  I yelled for my wife and began taking care of her.  My concern for my daughter greatly outweighed my fatigue.

This all happened at after midnight and we were able to put her back to bed at 2.  This is when I finally had time to reflect on the events.  I realized my values had changed.  I value sleep, but I value my family more.  When I heard that my daughter needed me, I dropped everything and the only thing that mattered in that instant was her.  Sometimes we value sleep so much, that we are willing to put off the things that we say we value.  It shows us that those aren’t our true values.  When put into a tough situation, you have the choice on whether you will fight for your dreams or turn the other way.  You want to get ahead in school, but instead of studying or doing your homework, you decide to go out with your friends or play video games.  If you make that decision, then you don’t really want to get ahead in school.  It’s just a formality for you and not a passion.

I am passionate about taking care of my family and making sure they are taken care of.  Last night, it made me reflect on how good of a job I am doing.  I know I’m not doing the best and my values reflect so.  The effort and the passion need to align with your values if you truly want to accomplish something and become successful.  So, put down the video game, take a few extra minutes toward your homework or reading a book instead of sleeping so early and improve your life.  What’s your excuse?


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