Be Adaptable!

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My wife will hate me for posting this picture of her haha.

When my wife and I were in the hospital last week, due to my wife being induced, I had a grand plan that would make everything work perfectly.  During the birth of our first child, my wife said I was physically there, but mentally absent and I was not being the best husband I could have been.  I would not allow myself to let that happen again.  For months, I was planning everything out from the hospital bag to the first meal after the delivery for my wife.  We flew my mom out to stay with our first daughter so she didn’t have to stay in the hospital bored and she could take her nap etc.  But when does anything go exactly the way we plan?  99.9% of the time, something is different.  Whenever it is such an important event in your life, it seems that life throws another curve ball that you’ve never seen before.  You’re up to bat and you did your research and you’re prepared.  You don’t expect that curve ball to come out of the pitcher’s hand, but it does.  You swing, you miss and you can either get discouraged, or adapt.  That was the first pitch for your at bat and you have several more attempts to hit the ball.

Most athletes will study film of their opponents and look at their tendencies.  They’ll search for a weakness in their opponent that they can exploit, but they also know that their opponent is doing the exact same thing.  They’ll have a game plan, but if that game plan isn’t working, they will change it.  The team will discuss their plan for their second half, which often times will change.  Why?  Because what they planned to do, is not getting the results they wanted.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.  Adapt, adapt, adapt!

When my wife and I were in the hospital, my daughter was not acting the way he had expected her to act.  She’s always been shy, (she’s only 2), and she wasn’t used to being just with my mom.  It was the curveball we didn’t see coming.  So, I had to throw out my original plan and adapt to the new situation.  Luckily, my home is only 5 minutes from the hospital, otherwise things would have been much different.  I had to leave my wife several times that day to come home and make sure that my mom and daughter were ok.  I had to plan out when the best times to leave were because I didn’t want to leave when she was in a lot of pain or when she was very close to giving birth.  I needed to redeem myself from the birth of our first child.

Life is not perfect.  It never goes the way you intend for it to go.  You have to adapt to the ever-changing situations.  For the older generation, they have to adapt to the technologies that are coming out.  Many people of the older generation can’t work a smart phone, while children are being raised to be able to work them.  Adapt and overcome.  If you want to be successful in life, you will have to adapt.  Plain and simple.

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