The Struggle is Real

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Having 2 kids now, the question that is always asked is have you been getting any sleep? Luckily, I have an amazing wife who lets me sleep so I’m rested for work, but we do have a routine so she gets sleep too. The next question asked is how does it feel to be raising a toddler and newborn? It’s a change of pace and a lot different because you have to manage your time more than you have had to in the past. Doing that can be difficult and stressful at times, but it’s all worth it. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Many people hold off having kids until they are older to enjoy their life now. They feel like that might struggle financially or not be able to have fun once they have kids. The most important thing in my life is my family. I’m absolutely blessed to have 2 kids at a young age and I get to watch them grow and get smarter and I get to be there when they need me. Going through the “struggle” of raising kids has made me better.

The struggle has taught me to be patient because my children don’t know how to express how they feel, yet. The struggle has taught me better time management as I ensure I always spend time with them and help teach them life lessons or counting from 1 to 10. The struggle has taught me to plan more thoroughly because you don’t want to forget to bring one thing or your whole trip can turn into a nightmare. If I wouldn’t have these struggles, I wouldn’t have this growth. If I didn’t have these struggles I wouldn’t get to come home every day to a beautiful family. When I have a bad day at work, I know I get to come home and see my family. Get a warm embrace from someone who loves me and missed me all day and wants to tell me all about their day.

Success is a journey, not a destination. If it was a walk in the park, how would you grow from it? When your training to improve your health, you begin to add resistance. Why? So you can refuse to be complacent and get to a better position in your life. Embrace the struggle. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Everyone would be going to school after having children if it were easy.  Everyone would work 10 hours a day, come home to clean the house and take care of the family if it were easy.  Embrace the struggle and grow from it.  How have you or have you not embraced the struggle?  Comment below.

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