How to get ahead

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    There are so many ways to get ahead and one of the most important is often times overlooked: sacrifice your Friday nights and sacrifice your weekends.  Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself how you’re spending your weekend.  Most people will just want to relax, sleep and maybe play some video games.  If you decide to grind for the weekend rather than do those things, you are putting yourself in a better position.  If there are 4 people up for promotion including yourself, how bad will you work to prove that you deserve that promotion?  Will you put in the extra time and effort to earn it or will you just let someone else have it?
      When I was a teenager, I vowed to never be bored.  I hate the feeling of being bored and I hate hearing other people saying they’re bored because there is always something to do: grind.  One of my goals was to watch 1000 movies.  I continued that goal for quite some time until I realized that there was so much more that I wanted in life.  That goal became less and less of a priority until I finally realized it was unimportant.  My life became full of goals that would lead me to a better future.  I worked on the little things to improve my chances of getting promoted.  While everyone was out partying, drinking, sleeping and playing video games, I decided to go back to school and learn.  I decided to continue to push myself harder and harder and grow everyday.  I don’t like to take days off because that means someone will surpass me and I don’t like being outworked.
    You should always have short, medium and long term goals ready to be accomplished.  You should always be ready to execute.  The more you slow down and take time off, the greater the chances are that someone will surpass you to your dream.  Do you want to work to accomplish someone else’s dreams or your own?  The ball is in your hand.  What’s your excuse?

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