The Secret to Success

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What’s the secret to success?  The secret is a lot simpler than you think.  The secret is to start early.  What does that really mean though?  It means if you want to succeed, you need to wake up earlier then everyone else and not by 5 minutes.  It means you need to start today and stop procrastinating and putting things off for tomorrow.  It means you need to be proactive and not reactive.  And it means that information needs to be passed early.

If you YouTube motivational videos and soundbites, you will often hear Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson explain how people say nothing good happens at 4 AM, yet he is out to workout and get some killer cardio.  When I was in high school, I would always wake up early to do my homework and get a head start on my day.  It would help me focus on the rest of my day by starting it off thinking about schoolwork.  Once I was home after school, that was another story.  While you’re sleeping dreaming of fantasies, someone else is grinding, working on making their dreams a reality.

How many times have we thought about a task that needed to get done, but looked at the clock and said, “I’ll just do it tomorrow”?  One thing in my life that it happens to is taking my vitamins and the same thing with my wife.  We look at the time and say “well it’s late in the day, so I’ll just take it in the morning.”  Then what happens?  The exact same thing.  At some point, you need to say enough is enough and just start that day instead of tomorrow.  You start creating a trend in your life putting everything off for tomorrow.  Create the right mindset of starting today.

A practice that is often over-looked is passing information early.  Our job is not just to push ourselves and motivate ourselves, but inspire others.  As soon as we learn something, we should be passing that on so others do not make the same mistake.  As a parent, we try to teach our children the rights and wrongs in life before they are able to make a mistake in their life.  We want to be proactive in passing this information.  We tell our children not to run with scissors before they start to run with scissors.  If you wait to tell your children this information, they could hurt themselves or someone else.  If there’s a book that you read that helped inspire you to keep going, share that with others.  Don’t wait until they’re in the same position you were in if you could have prevented it.

No more putting things off.  Take your vitamins.  Study today, instead of waiting for tomorrow to come.  Get up at 4 AM to get in a workout.  Make your dreams a reality.  What’s your excuse?

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