Why the Name Change?

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Starting off 2018, I decided to change the name of the blog and site.  I believe that the old name may have seemed like a fad and I wanted to ensure everyone that this blog is here to stay.  The new name is Melvin which stands for Motivate, Elevate and Inspire.  We learn to motivate ourselves to have a better life and become successful.  We do that by elevating our mind, body and spirit.  And last, but not least, we spread the knowledge that we gain to help inspire others.  So why was the name Melvin even brought up?  I’ll start with a backstory to the story.

When I was a Freshman in high school, I was not the most socially aware individual.  We weren’t well off, so my mom would always cut my and my brothers’ hair.  Well in gym class, my mom had just given me a fresh haircut and it was noticed by the other students.  People started calling me “Wild Thing” from Major League because they said it looked like I got into a fight with a lawnmower.  They were picking on me for circumstances I didn’t understand.  Nevertheless, I was never one to let things like that get to me.  I took it as a term of endearment.  At the time, one of my favorite basketball players was Anderson Varejao whose nickname was “Wild Thing”.  He was my favorite because he always had the ability to do the little things such as taking a charge or just playing scrappy to help his team win.  So while these kids thought they were making fun of me, they were actually giving me a compliment.

I know you’re asking yourself, “the name is Melvin, not Wild Thing.”  You’re right.  The mental attitude that I created in High School followed me wherever I have gone in life.  I started early.  When I was working in Japan, I was training for a major qualification.  I was still near the beginning stages of my training and I had to pass critical information to someone else who was training for a different qualification.  It did not come out right.  In fact, it came out really mixed up.  After that incident, someone called me Melvin and it seemed to stick with me, for the rest of my time there.  If you look up the name Melvin, there are two different options “a really awesome person” or “an uncool person.” I know it was referenced as the dork-like, uncool person, but I’m not one to look at the negatives like that.  There is always a sliver lining.  I took ownership of that name and did not let anyone suggest to me that it was derogatory in nature.

Anyone can push through any adversity with the right mindset.  Whether it’s bullying, laziness, procrastination or lack of education.  There is always a way to beat adversity.  Know who you are and don’t let other people tell you differently.  Change your mindset, change your world.  What’s your excuse?

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