What I learned over the weekend

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I want to continue the trend of sharing what I learned over the weekend because the learning never stops.  If you don’t learn something new everyday, then you’ve wasted your day.  Dr. Jayce O’Neal said, “If you think you know everything; you know nothing.  If you think you know nothing; you know something.” 

One of my biggest takeaways from this weekend is maximize your time.  Yesterday, I had to fly early in the morning to attend some extra training for work and I had a couple of options of what I could do with my time: sleep, play on my phone or read.  Typically I would just sleep so when I woke up, I would be closer to the destination and I could begin my day as if it had just started and I would play games on my phone in between naps to help pass time.  This time I decided not to do that and continued reading a book that is quickly becoming my favorite.  I mentioned it last time.  It’s called How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

I’m not one to write and highlight in books, but this book makes me want to do that because there are so many important takeaways to apply in life.  I’m almost done with the book now and I read the entire section related to how to win people to your way of thinking.  This section discussed arguments in great length.  When we see something or hear something we don’t like, we typically respond with our emotions and begin to argue.  When you begin to argue, no one is really listening because they want to argue their point as well.  In order for someone to truly understand your point of view, you have to begin by putting yourself in their shoes and listening to what they have to say.  You have to refrain from saying “you’re wrong!” or suggesting that their opinion has no merit.  There are certain words and phrases suggested on how to open up a dialogue, instead of raising your voice and not being heard.

One other thing that I learned this weekend was about pain.  I was listening to some motivational videos and I was listening to Eric Thomas talk about pain and it makes you really look in the mirror and see if you are truly making the most out of your life.  He says, “You’re already in pain! Why not get a reward from it?”  When we start to feel the burdens of stress, the easiest solution is to just stop, quit, give up.  We can be up until 2 in the morning studying for a test or working on a home improvement project and we get so tired that we just stop and give up.  The deadline is the next day and we choose to sleep because it sounds better than continuing to work.  Meanwhile, someone else met their deadline or will pass the test with flying colors because they chose to get a reward from the pain and continued to push through.  Don’t give up at any given moment because you’re in pain! Push through and reap the rewards that follow.

What did you learn over the weekend?

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