2018 Goals

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Growing up, I didn’t understand the point of New Years.  It was just another day to my family.  I also didn’t understand the point of a New Years resolution because we should always be setting goals for ourselves.  Now, I understand what it’s all about.  It’s about hope.  Hope for a new beginning and a fresh start.  Hope for something new in your life that can push you toward your dream and a better life.  Yes, we should always set goals for ourselves, but New Years gives us a starting line, a benchmark.

I did a lot of thinking about what it is I want to accomplish this year and made sure these goals were realistic and attainable; however, I wanted them to be difficult enough to be worth it.  Here is my list:

  1.  In my entire life, the most amount of pull-ups I’ve been able to do was 15, but that needs to change.  I want to reach 23 pull-ups this year.
  2. Going down the career plan that I intend, fixing my run time is a must.  The best 3 mile run time I have completed was 21:35.  I’m also no where near that now.  Nevertheless, I want to strive to attain an 18:00 3 mile run.
  3. I want to lose weight; however, still gain strength and be healthy.  I want to reach a healthy and lean weight of 185 pounds.
  4. Lately, my wife’s and my finances have not been what they should be, so in order to get where we want in life we need to get rid of our debt.  I want to cut our debt in half.
  5. Reading is extremely important and I haven’t been making it a priority in my life.  I want to read at least 1 book per month.
  6. I want to improve this site and increase the audience that I post to.  I want to have 250 followers on both Twitter and Facebook and 100 on WordPress.
  7. To improve this site and to reach more people, I think videos is the next way to go.  I want to learn how to produce videos and make a minimum of 1 this year.
  8. I want to get promoted this year and I want to get promoted early.
  9. I’m almost completed with earning my Bachelor’s degree, but I still have 8 or so classes to go.  I want to complete 6 classes with an A.
  10. I’ve never been a good swimmer and I’ve always been afraid of the water.  I want to get over my fear of water and improve my swimming.  On top of that, I want to teach my 2 year old daughter to swim.
  11. It is my wife’s and my intention to get our two year old potty trained.  I want to potty train my 2 year old before Summer.
  12. We’ve always been big on traveling; however, we haven’t been to the spot everyone goes to here in Fort Worth.  I want to travel and explore the Stockyards of Fort Worth.
  13. Last, but not least, the most difficult goal to measure is to get organized.It is my intention to give weekly and monthly updates on how well I am doing on these goals and I hope you can do the same.  Please comment below with your top 3 goals of the year.  Everyone loves the challenge, so I challenge you to accomplish all your goals this year.

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