Top 3 Things I Learned Over the Weekend…

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  1. Attention to Detail

    So, last week I looked at my homework assignments due and I saw that there was no Chapter 1 homework, but there was Chapter 2 homework.  I assumed that I had no homework due that first week; however, I did not look at everything.  The second week I looked at my homework I saw that Chapter 4 and 5 homework were due and that’s when I realized I didn’t look at the homework entirely.  Each week, 2 chapters were due and so I started one week behind.  It’s important to pay attention to detail so you don’t end up in the same predicament as I found myself in: behind the power curve.

2. Time Management

    While I was doing my homework this weekend, I was required to do some additional research on the challenges of running a business.  The one I wrote about and what caught my eye was time management.  When starting a business, the creator wears many hats and becomes responsible for everything.  If the owner does not manage his or her time appropriately, then the business will be lacking in one area or won’t be reaching its true potential.  Proper planning will help in running a successful business.

3. I’m Not 20 Anymore

    Sometimes it takes us awhile to realize we are no longer young and that was shown to me this weekend.  I’m not talking about having creaking knees or a cracking back.  I’m talking about maturing out of the partying phase.  This weekend I went to a bonfire and there was a lot of beer and alcohol there.  I intended to have some drinks and socialize (because my Steelers unfortunately lost), but after several drinks I just became disinterested in it.  I asked myself, “What is this doing for me? I’ll sleep overnight because I can’t drive home after drinking and who knows when I would be able to go home the next day.”  So I would waste two days from just drinking that night.  When I was 20 and in Japan we used to drink all the time over the weekends because that was the thing to do, but I’m not 20 anymore.  I’m 25, married with 2 children and a lot of dreams and aspirations.  I want to be able to accomplish all these goals which I posted here: 2018 Goals.  Not only that, but I have 2 young daughters who are impressionable and it is my duty as their father to be a role model for them.  How I act and how I treat my wife will be what kind of boyfriend or husband they will look for and the last thing I want is for them to find someone who isn’t right for them.

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What did you learn this weekend below?  If you didn’t, what’s your excuse?  Comment below.


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