First Progress Report

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Hello Everyone.  Here is an update on my progress for my 2018 Goals:

  1.  I’ve worked on my workout plan that will help get me to my fitness goals.  I have it written on paper, but I’m still tweaking it to improve in all areas.
  2. My amazing wife put together a budget that will help us reduce our debt and increase our  savings.
  3. Since the beginning of the year I have increased my followers on Facebook by 4, Twitter by 19 and WordPress by 9.  It may seem insignificant, but progress is progress.  I have to give a lot of credit to 2 Facebook Groups I’ve joined Blogs in Bloom and Blogging Buddies for helping me better my blog and reach other bloggers.
  4. I finally finished the book I’ve been reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, and I feel like this will be a book I will continue to go back to and read.  I could write a post on this book alone and the messages it provides (which I probably will later on).
  5. I’m still completing my 2 college courses and I have a much better system in time management to make sure I get the best grade possible.
  6. For Christmas, my wife got me a planner and I have been using it everyday to help keep me on task with completing my to-do list and making sure I don’t forget things.

Step Count Jan 20

I was very lazy last week in my step count and I know this week will be better.  But look at the bright side, I beat my previous week.  A little progress is better than no progress.

Now that I’ve shown my progress, what progress have you made?  What’s your excuse?


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