First Progress Report

Hello Everyone.  Here is an update on my progress for my 2018 Goals:

  1.  I’ve worked on my workout plan that will help get me to my fitness goals.  I have it written on paper, but I’m still tweaking it to improve in all areas.
  2. My amazing wife put together a budget that will help us reduce our debt and increase our  savings.
  3. Since the beginning of the year I have increased my followers on Facebook by 4, Twitter by 19 and WordPress by 9.  It may seem insignificant, but progress is progress.  I have to give a lot of credit to 2 Facebook Groups I’ve joined Blogs in Bloom and Blogging Buddies for helping me better my blog and reach other bloggers.
  4. I finally finished the book I’ve been reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, and I feel like this will be a book I will continue to go back to and read.  I could write a post on this book alone and the messages it provides (which I probably will later on).
  5. I’m still completing my 2 college courses and I have a much better system in time management to make sure I get the best grade possible.
  6. For Christmas, my wife got me a planner and I have been using it everyday to help keep me on task with completing my to-do list and making sure I don’t forget things.

Step Count Jan 20

I was very lazy last week in my step count and I know this week will be better.  But look at the bright side, I beat my previous week.  A little progress is better than no progress.

Now that I’ve shown my progress, what progress have you made?  What’s your excuse?

4 thoughts on “First Progress Report

  1. Good for you!! I totally understand that feeling of growing your readership. I’ve been slowly growing too, and reaching each new milestone makes me feel so proud! Keep going, you’re doing great!
    (Also bravo to your wife on that budget! As someone who has to budget a lot, I say she deserves a ’round of applause!)


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