January’s Progress

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January has been a great month for me so far.  Tomorrow night I will be flying back home to be with my family again now that this course is concluding.  I’ve been hitting the gym hard to work on my physical fitness and I’ve definitely been sore from pushing myself so hard.  Jan 27

As you can see, my mediocre week in steps vastly improved by 15,302.  Unfortunately, I stayed inside on Sunday to work on homework all day. The American Heart Association recommends 10,000 steps a day, but that seems like average work to me.  I don’t want to be average, I want to be phenomenal, just like everyone else should want to do.

I feel like my blog is actually going somewhere now and not just me talking to myself.  I’ve managed to make 11 posts in January and increased my following overall by 71 through WordPress, Facebook and Twitter, which isn’t bad.  The more progress I make the more excited I get to continue with it.  I’m excited to learn how to do videos, but I have not set up a timeframe for that quite, yet.

I was able to finish one book this month and I already have my next book in line, I just haven’t gotten to it, as I focus on ensuring I get good grades in school and read the materials provided to me.

My wife and I have continued to hack away at our debt and change our budget and it sounds like I finally know where I’m going this summer to start our next chapter: back to Japan.

Progress is progress and it’s an amazing feeling when you see that you have made progress.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed when we don’t see any progress and it makes us want to give up.  Success requires patience at times because results don’t happen overnight.  Give 120% and the results will show.  Give 80% and you can only expect to get 80% of the results.  Keep pushing and don’t give up.  Everyone started off the year great, but it’s now time to continue grinding and make this the best year of your life.  What’s your excuse?

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Let’s end the reading with a smile.

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