February’s Progress

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Hello, everyone.  I haven’t made a post almost all month long.  Since I have been back home and with my family, my lack of time management skills show.  I had to take a break to get a lot of things in order, but I’m back and I’m ready to continue on this path to success.  One of the things I love about blogging is the ability to not just relieve stress, but it gives me a channel to self-evaluate myself on this journey.  I’m able to see my progress on my goals that I set forth this year and what I need to change or adjust to truly accomplish them all.  So let us evaluate:

Physical Fitness

    This has always been a struggle of mine and this year is no different.  What I am noticing is what worked for me at the end of last year, is not getting me the same results this year.  Last fall and winter I was focused more on short distance sprints and this year I am focusing more on long distance running.  That means I need to change my workout plan.  I’m also focusing more on cardio to help reach these goals and lose the weight that I want to lose.  I’ve been meal prepping which has definitely helped me not get fast food.  I believe I only had it once or twice this month.  My meal prepping is much healthier food as well.  Unfortunately, I still have temptations: I have a terrible sweet tooth.  But, progress is progress and I feel like I am making slow progress, which is better than no progress.

Step Count Feb

My step count for the past two weeks hasn’t been terrible, but I could always do better.  Now that I’m focusing on cardio more, my step count goals will increase.  My goal will be 100,000 steps per week. Progress requires determination.


Like I mentioned in my last progress update, my wife took over the finances and she is doing a fantastic job.  We got our tax return this month and paid off quite a bit of debt.  We’re going to be moving to Japan late this year which requires a lot of budgeting as well.  One of the focuses this


So I have made a post already about the book I read this month Make Your Bed, which I highly recommend to everyone.  Also, this month I finished two more college courses.  Although, I did not get the grades I was hoping for, I feel as if it made me more confident to get things done in a quicker fashion.  Over the past couple of weekends, I had homework assignments to complete and my wife was working.  So that meant I was taking care of a 2 year old and a 3 month old while trying to reach my deadlines for all of my homework.  I’m now registered for two more courses beginning next week: World literature since the Renaissance and Global and Competitive Strategy.  6 more classes and I will complete my  Bachelor’s Program (fingers crossed).


Unfortunately there has been no progress with the blog this past month, since I haven’t been posting, BUT I promise March will be much different.  Expect more posts!



How did you do on your goals in February?

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