What I learned over the weekend

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If you don’t learn something new each and every day, then you have wasted your day.  Knowledge is power that will guide you on the road to success.  Here is what I learned over the weekend:

1. Perfection isn’t attainable.

    This week I started a new class in school about business plan foundations.  We had to answer several questions in regards to our business and the last question was “what weaknesses do you have and how do you overcome it?”  After consulting with my wife on this, I realized my biggest weakness is the strive for perfection.  Lately, I have not had as much time to write as I would like, partly due to so much more responsibility and work load at work.  When I consider writing, I let it get to me that I don’t have enough to say and that it wouldn’t do any good.  That’s me overanalyzing and striving for perfect posts instead of trusting myself and putting my thoughts down and passing on knowledge.  Don’t get caught up with perfection, but rather strive for improvement each and every day.


2. Leadership requires sacrifice.

Recently, I have been in a more senior role of leadership at work and it has caused me to reflect on leadership more than I did before.  I got into my current line of work because I wanted to be a leader.  Friday, we had a little get together and played some beach volleyball.  No one had gotten any food or drinks, yet, so I had to take care of that while everyone played sports.  If I had not been that leader, there would have been a chance no one would be eating.  Leadership requires sacrifice.  It is the oil on the gears that keep grinding.

3. My school has podcasts

In these current times, podcasts are becoming very popular.  This week for my homework, we had to listen to a podcast on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship when starting a business.  It was only 15 minutes long, but it makes you really think about your business plan.  Podcasts can be useful, especially while driving to the store or work.


What did you learn this weekend?  What podcasts do you recommend?  Please comment below.

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