Succeed Like Jason Dunham

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If you don’t know who Jason Dunham is please do your research about him.  This man saved lives and received the Medal of Honor for his actions.  You can read the citation here.  Let me sum up his actions: in an intense battle in Iraq, an insurgent dropped a grenade in which Corporal Jason Dunham sacrificed his body and eventually his life to save his fellow Marines.  He jumped on a grenade without hesitation.  Let me repeat that.  He sacrificed his own life to save his brothers WITHOUT HESITATION.  This man prepared for an opportunity like this.  He prepared using his Kevlar to cover a grenade over and over again.  Then his hard work paid off and he received luck: Luck=Preparation + Opportunity.  His hard work, dedication and willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed is what sets him apart from everyone else.  If there was any hesitation in his body, then several people could have died.  That’s the winner’s mindset.


How badly do you want to succeed?  How badly do you want to get through school or get that promotion?  Are you willing to put everything on the line and give everything that you have for that success?  Because that’s what it is going to take.  It’s going to take every ounce of your being, being fully invested in progress and improvement, in order to be successful.  If you give 50% effort, the most return you will get is 50%.  If you give 100% effort, you can potentially get 100% return, POTENTIALLY.  It very may well take much more than what you consider to be 100%.  When you feel as if you are giving 100%, you may not actually be doing so.  You must work harder than that.  You must give everything you have just like Jason Dunham.

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The goals that you have written down or that you think about day in and day out; how much progress have you made?  How many of your dreams have you just let fade?  If you want something bad enough, you will make the necessary sacrifices.  That means you have to sacrifice your sleep to study more or work at your job later to get out of a financial bind.  That means skipping a party to go to the gym and getting stronger.  Always remember your purpose behind your goals, then focus and grind.

If you’re not closer to your goals and dreams today, ask yourself, What’s your excuse?

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