Biggest Takeaway From the Weekend

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Effort   As we continue to grind through the weekend and self-reflect, it is important to ask yourself: how much effort are you truly giving?  You will only get out what you put in.  If you give 50% effort, you can only expect to have at the very most: 50% results.  Is 50% effort and results going to take you to the next level?  Absolutely not!  Yesterday, at work, we all had to get up early and do a physical fitness test.  Most people already had a score, so they didn’t care how they did and they just went through the motions because they had to do so.  This is such a terrible mentality.  If you get less sleep because you have to wake up and put in work, why not give maximum effort?  Why not make the loss of sleep worth it?  Did you really wake up early in the morning to just go through the motions?

How you start your day mentally, will effect the rest of your day both emotionally and productively.  If you have that walk through mentality, you will not get much done for the day.  If you give maximum effort, you will be happier throughout the day and you will have accomplished something.  Your productivity will increase by starting your day off on the right foot.  So get up early and make the most of your day.  Stop giving little effort on tasks you believe your menial in nature and give maximum effort.  People will not only notice, but you will notice as well.

Give maximum effort! What’s your excuse?

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