Progress is Essential

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In order for us to be successful, we must see constant progress.  It is what keeps the motor going.  We don’t have to look forward as much wondering if we will ever make it to the finish line because we see we are making consistent progress toward that finish line.  When we stop making progress or attempting to improve, then our dream will always remain a dream and can never become reality.


Here is some of my progress I have made recently on my 2018 Goals:


My physical fitness is still lacking in all areas because I haven’t devoted time each day to work on it.  You only get out, what you put in, and what I have put in lately is close to nothing.  If I want to reach that goal,  I need to put forth significantly more effort in devoting time to working out or running and I need to be cognizant of my nutritional habits.  What you put in your body is extremely important for improving your lifestyle.

In both March and May, I didn’t not finish reading a book, which means I am falling behind.  I have several different books that I have started reading, but I am going to focus on one at a time.  I am going to finish reading Greatness Is Upon You by Eric Thomas, before I work on the other books.


My wife and I re-did our budget, yet again.  There are so many unplanned expenses that pop up, when you least expect them to.  We have started to make more sacrifices until we can get our debt down even more.

I’ve learned it’s ok to not have the best blog posts all of the time.  My perfectionist mentality would sometimes hold me back from making a blog post, but I am making this more of a priority.  The class I am currently taking, Business Plan Foundations, has helped me create a better plan in what I want with Melvin.  I am working on increasing my audience by continuing to regularly making blog posts.  Sometimes that means I have to wake up at 5 in the morning to do it, but that’s what it takes.


I still haven’t worked on a video, yet; however, I am starting to really look into it and figure out the best plan of attack.  Suggestions are welcome.

The message came out and I am being looked at for promotion, I only have to keep up the work I have been doing and I should get the promotion.

Finally, we finally went to Stockyards in Fort Worth and although we had a blast, we want to go back and do even more activities.



What progress have you made on your goals this year?  We are almost half-way through the year now, so if you haven’t even started your goals, yet, then what’s your excuse?  Please comment below and tell everyone how you are doing on your goals this year.  Have a great day and stay motivated!




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