Don’t Just Do the Minimum!

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Many times in our life, we find ourselves in a job or a task that we don’t really want to do.  Our response is to just do the minimum amount of work and let the day go on, so you can focus on things you actually want to do.  What are you actually accomplishing by doing the bare minimum?  Is the task that you gave no effort on, satisfactory work?  Do you even want to progress, get promoted or feel accomplished?  Because acting like this, will not get you there.  By putting forth no effort, you are already admitting defeat.  You are proving that the task is too large for you.

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What kind of life do you want to live?  Are you trying to just carry on each day? Are you still searching for what you want in life? Or, do you want to live your life successfully?  Doing the bare minimum allows the sharks to eat you alive and you have to watch it happen while you feel every bite.  That is no way to live or die.  Don’t settle for average.  We are in the driver seat of life and our decisions and our effort will dictate where we will travel.  If you want to be happy and travel the world, then give maximum effort!  You are not entitled to anything in life.  You lay in the bed you make.  Will it be a comfy mattress with clean sheets or a hard dirty one?  Maximum effort vs minimum effort.

Give everything you have and reap the rewards.  Even when you think you have given everything, the chances are there is still more in you.  You have the ability to be so much greater than you are now; all you need to do, is stop going through the motions and give maximum effort.

Are you giving it everything you have?  What’s your excuse?

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