Impossible = I’m Possible

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Those who say they can, and those who say they can’t are both usually right.  When you set out on a difficult task and you scoff, you sigh and think about how difficult it’s going to be and how you might not be able to finish it; you are already setting yourself up for failure.  The best way to tackle a difficult situation is head first.  You know you will get your hands dirty, so expect that.  Don’t overanalyze the situation, either.  Think about it, act upon it.  When we get our mindset right, we open up a whole new world in opportunities.


So, today is Wednesday, which means I am here to discuss progress on goals.  It’s important to continue looking at your progress to keep your mind and heart in the game.  One of my biggest goals is getting physically fit.  It takes a lot to get there and last week I made significant progress in something that I thought would be a very difficult task.


Look at that!  Last week I was killing my step count because I was going for more long distance runs.  On Saturday, I saw how close I was to finally getting over 100,000 steps and pushed myself to get over the hump.  I finally got my step count there at around 10pm.  Sunday, I had a 3 mile run, Monday I had a 3.5 mile run and Saturday I had a 4 mile run.  It may have seemed impossible before, but now that I have reached that goal, I know how much effort is required for the difficult task and it doesn’t seem that difficult.  Impossible means I’m possible.  As soon as you make that adjustment, these obstacles don’t seem so big and hard after all.  If you keep putting in the grind and effort, then you will see the results.  The results won’t happen overnight, so be patient.  Push yourself every single day.

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If you’re not where you want to be, what’s holding you back?  What progress have you made this week?  What’s your excuse?


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