Set Your Standard!

Whenever we finally accomplish something in our lives we are so proud of ourselves.  More often than not, what happens next?  We go back to our average ways.  We accept that we have made progress and then we just become complacent.  We allow that accomplishment to become an anomaly.  That accomplishment should never be an anomaly, it should become our new average.  Each and every day, we set new standards for ourselves.  Once we realize Impossible = I’m Possible, then we are that much closer to success.  When we reach that impossible goal, we are showing are true colors and what we are capable of.  Where we go from there, shows our character.

95 steps

Last Wednesday, I showed how I finally reached 100,000 steps in a week.  This time, I may not have gotten 100,000, but I was right there.  100,000 steps a week needs to be the new normal for me if I expect to make progress in my life.  If I really want to improve in my physical fitness, then I need to go the extra mile (pun intended).

Don’t get complacent.  Once you achieve something, follow through and stick with it.  Consistency is extremely important to see results.  What’s holding you back?  Stop letting it.  What’s your excuse?

Please comment below with the progress you’re making on your goals.  Is there anything that you feel is holding you back?

One thought on “Set Your Standard!

  1. Goals are important. I like your post, because it’s true. We shouldn’t roll down the mountain if we’re at the top. We should find other mountains and climb higher and higher.

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