Thank you LeBron, Now Let’s Get It Cleveland!

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I was born and raised around Cleveland and I have seen our ups and downs.  Although I am still young, I was able to witness the Cleveland Cavaliers grow from nothing into something, lose it all, come back stronger than ever and now back to the drawing board.  I am appreciative for everything that LeBron James did for the city of Cleveland and will continue to do for Northeastern Ohio with all of his charity work.  I remember screaming when the Cavs won their first title and almost waking up my 6 month old daughter.  I remember the passion that the city had these past several years and hunger for another championship.  Once you taste victory, you want to continue winning.


But now, LeBron has chosen to join the Lakers and the talk is all about how great they will be and how dismal and depressing Cleveland will be.  The narrative has to be changed.  Cleveland needs to find the winning attitude and the hunger to compete.  This past year was hard, as you could see, not everyone was passionate about the game.  But this will be a new year with a mountain of obstacles.  It’s time for Cleveland to rise.  It’s time for the city to come together and show that it is a place that people want to come to.  Everyone is counting the team out already and the season hasn’t even begun!  That’s ridiculous.  I understand the odds may be against the Cavaliers, but the players need to take on the challenge.

I want to see passion every day from this team.  Grinding every day.  Progress every day.  There will be tough losses, there will be blow out losses, but there will be many wins with everyone locked in and focused on team play.  Each and every person needs to give everything they have.  I hope every Cavalier player and coach gets this message.  I hope that they understand the pressure they have and blow up like a volcano of greatness.  That team absolutely has it and they need to understand that and believe it.  Belief is a very powerful tool.

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Eric Thomas said, “Don’t cry to give up, cry to keep going.  You’re already in pain, get a reward from it!”  Beat the odds!  Everyone in Cleveland has the backs of their team.  We are not all LeBron bandwagoners and most of us will stay.  You will see true Cavaliers fans and we will support our team.


Ty Lue, it is your time to shine! Show the world that the Cavs weren’t just great because LeBron James was there, but because you are a great coach!  It is time to show that the Cavaliers made acquisitions because they believe in the players, Nance Jr, Clarkson, Hood and Hill.  It is time for Osman to show he should be the Most Improved Player next year because he has that ability to do so.  It is time for Kevin Love to show that he is an All-Star that can lead this organization.  It is time for Jeff Green to have the best year of his life and sign the Cavs for a longer contract.  It is time for JR to redeem himself for his finals blunder.  It is time for Tristian to show why he is worth so much money! Heart, passion, effort!  The Cavaliers have been counted out before, let’s do it again this year!

If Ty Lue, his coaching staff, the players or anyone in the organization need motivation or inspiration to keep going, you let me know and I will do everything I can to help you succeed.  Let’s go Cavs!!!

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