Book Review: Greatness Is Upon You

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The reason I read Greatness Is Upon You by Eric Thomas is because Eric Thomas is one my role models.  He is one of the reasons why I decided I wanted to become a motivational speaker.  His enthusiasm, his drive and my ability to connect to his story.  There are times where I feel like I try to be too much like him and I realize I’m not telling my story.  That will change with time.


Eric Thomas uses severally principles throughout this book and shows two different versions of a person.  He shows the negative side and the positive side, such as the lazy individual versus the productive individual.  He brings to light, several actions and inactions that we do on a regular basis.  This book is coupled with a GIUY Journal; however, I did not purchase the journal.  I think if you truly want to capture these principles and want to make the transformation, you should buy both the journal and the book.  This is a book that I intend to keep in my library forever.

There are several key points that were brought up that I will never forget.  One is that there is never a perfect time to accomplish a task.  You have to just get it done.  When an opportunity arrives, jump on it and don’t wait.  Another is the difference between a hunter and a lurker.  He devotes three chapters to this concept.  You can go after your dreams, or you can wait for some magical moment to arrive.  You can push yourself to the next level or wait until someone appreciates you.  Your mindset is everything.


This is the crocodile from Peter Pan.  He lurks in the water waiting for something to drop so he can eat.  He was specifically mentioned in this book.

A few other important messages he mentioned were about effort.  He always talks about giving 120% and how that will impact your life.  If you’re not giving 120%, then you only kind of want it.  You’re ok if it doesn’t happen, which means you are not committed to success.  You must give everything you have and then give even more.  We all have that ability, we just have to be passionate about success.  We have to be obsessed.

He also mentioned reciprocity.  Now this one made me think about my marriage and how I treat my wife.  Sometimes we are so focused on ourselves that we forget to do things for others.  This is a chapter I go back to on a regular basis.  There are times where we feel like there is so much to do in our lives that we take for granted what has been there all along: our significant other.  Sometimes we are so focused on our own agenda that we don’t take care of those who take care of us.  In order to be successful, we have to give back.  That was one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s key points to becoming successful: give back.


Again, I highly encourage everyone to read this book because you will gain something from it.  I also recommend getting the GIUY Journal because you can do a lot of soul searching and self-reflection which is absolutely important to becoming a better version of yourself.  Don’t waste any opportunity to be great.  Seize every moment you can.  Learn something new each and every day.  If you take one day off, you’re likely pushing your dreams back by 6+ months.  Don’t be that person.  Grind through the weekends.

If you’ve read this book, what did you think about it?

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