Stop Stressing

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When you’re working so hard at work and at home, it may seem overwhelming at times and it may seem like too much.  Don’t let that fear take hold of you.  Take a deep breathe and stop stressing so much.  The situation you are dealing with is not that bad if you truly think about it.  Many people have gone through what you are going through or have gone through something worse.  Don’t let the belief of difficultness and impossibility creep in.  Breathe and refocus.

There are many ways to handle stress that will help you get on with the day.  The most important part is that you can refocus and realign your priorities.  Write down everything you need to get done, then establish what is your priority.  Make a list of 3-5 things that you truly believe you can get done and deserve your utmost attention.  If you complete all 5, you’ll be proud of yourself and want to continue with the other items on your to-do list.  Continue setting your goals in this way to help alleviate stress.

Another option, which I want to learn myself, is meditation.  My experience in this concept is absent; however, there are several books and videos that teach you how to properly meditate.  It is about focusing your mind.

Drink water.  This seems to be a foreign concept to many people; however, it helps control your body.  Often times, when we get very busy and believe we have a lot to do, we resort to caffeine, hoping it’ll give up an extra boost.  If we just drink enough water for the day, we can manage our stress levels better without a pounding heart.

Avoid alcohol and stress eating as they play a terrible role in accomplishing your goals.  You lose money, time and health.

What ways do you appropriately handle stress?  Please comment below.

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