Adapt and Overcome

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, nothing ever goes according to plan.  Something will always go wrong and some wrench always gets thrown into our plans.  In order to become successful, you have to take that change and run with it.  Take cooking for instance.  When you watch shows like Iron Chef, Master Chef, Chopped etc, they have a set time that they have to cook their dish in.  Many times, they realize their first attempt at a dish won’t be done in time, so they have to improvise.  They have to resort to other options to make a good dish in the select time.  Sometimes they will even make a mistake, but they don’t want to lose and go home, so they adapt and overcome.  Have you cooked a meal and realized that you were missing an ingredient?  Did you just give up or did you change the recipe and continue moving forward?

The other day I had to adapt and overcome my physical fitness plan.  I was focused on running a lot more until something happened.  Let me give you the back story:

So, my wife and I were trying to have a movie night and it was our first one in a long time.  We asked a friend to come over and babysit our two little girls.  We go out and enjoy ourselves and when we come back, we go to our room and my wife’s glass spray bottle is shattered on the ground.  I’m assuming Blair went in there and tried to pull something off of the dresser (because she is getting so tall!) and accidentally knocked the glass over.  The first thing I did was clean it all up and make sure no one stepped on anything.  A couple of days later in the early morning I was getting ready for work.  It was dark and I was trying to wake my wife or the baby. We’re working on packing our stuff, so the bedroom is a little crowded as well.  I lean over to get my clothes and (I’m still half asleep) I start to lose my balance.  I catch my balance and I landed on something that hurt.  I realized there was something stuck in my foot.  I hobbled to the bathroom and found a large piece of that glass spray bottle in my foot.  I pulled it out and found out that about 1/8-1/4″ of it penetrated my foot.  There was drops of blood throughout the bedroom and I had to clean everything off so I wouldn’t freak out my wife when she woke up.

I was down for the count.  I wanted to keep pushing through the pain, but I could barely walk for the first couple of days without my foot feeling like it wanted to separate.  I couldn’t go for runs like I wanted to, and I didn’t want to just give up on my goal to be physically fit, so I had to adapt and overcome.  I decided to do some lifting, until I felt comfortable running again.  I went to the gym several times and it felt great to continue on that path and to not just give up when things got hard.

Obstacles and other challenges will always arise and if you truly want to be successful, then you have to find ways to adapt and overcome.  There isn’t only one road to success and there isn’t just one recipe that works.  You can change the status quo and you can change the recipe.  The recipe can still taste great with changes and maybe you can learn how to make the food even better.  Don’t give up!  What’s your excuse?

What times have you had to adapt and overcome situations in your life?  Please comment below.

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