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When looking at your goals, the best thing to see is not just progress, but success! Based off of 2 of my goals from my 2018 Goals , I have completed 2 recently, but it was under the same bullet/concept.  As I really indulge myself in this blog and this business, I have been learning more and more about increasing followers.  My goal was to have 250 followers on both Twitter and Facebook and I have well-surpassed those expectations! In this past week alone, I have added 32 followers on Facebook and 107 followers on Twitter! Tasting success makes you want to continue tasting it.  It’s like your mother’s or your significant other’s homecooked meals.  You start craving for it.

not easy

I’m currently at 302 followers on Facebook and 273 on Twitter.  How did that happen?  A lot of time spent on social media and interacting with other people!  Success does not come easy, if it did, everyone would be successful.  It takes a lot of hard work and time to accomplish goals.  I did quite a bit of reading and research and found out the best ways to increase your following.  I began following a lot of people on Twitter that were in the same niche or similar niche as me.  And by a lot, I would say around 50 per day.  I also began interacting with a lot more people trying to encourage them and ask them what their goals are. Basically, I was doing exactly what this blog and business is: motivating, elevating and inspiring.

Does that mean I’m going to stop or slow down now that I have achieved the goal? Absolutely not!  If I accomplished my annual goal in half of the time, I should be able to double the expectations, right?  But I don’t want to short-change myself either.  So my new goal is to have 500 followers on both social media accounts.  I’m still working toward my goal on WordPress.  My goal was 100, but I’m at 51 now.

What strategies do you use to increase your followers?


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