The Hardest Part In Life

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The hardest part in life is self-reflection.  Why do I say that? It is extremely difficult to admit your flaws and that you’ve made so many mistakes.  It makes you feel very vulnerable and sometimes weak, but the important thing is, knowledge is power.  The more you know and understand about yourself, the better off you will be.  You’ll be able to tackle those weaknesses of yours and make them into strengths.

Sometimes we can do the self-reflection on our own, but other times we need help to see things in a different perspective or to just ask questions.  Often times our life and our problems are stuck in a cycle and we just need to figure out what will get us out of the cycle.  Yesterday, I did a coaching session for the first time and I felt like I learned more about my core.  I realized that my cycle ends when I begin to trust the process or trust that things will work out in the end.

If you’re going to do self-reflection, you must be fully invested in it or you will not find the right answers.  You will only find the answers on the surface, not at the core. If you truly want to reach your true potential and be successful, you must be invested in yourself.  Today, or this weekend write down some self-reflections.  Write down your struggles and how to overcome them.  If you want a different perspective on things, ask a friend for some help.  If you don’t feel comfortable asking them, you can always talk to me.  You can message me on Facebook or you can send me an email at

Another way I am doing self-reflection is through an AMA or Ask Me Anything post.  You can view it here and ask me anything.  Answers will post at 1100 AM EST today and will be live after that.  Please feel free to ask me anything! Thank you!

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