First Time At The Pool

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It’s Wednesday! Which means we are halfway through the week, which means some inspiration is required.  How is everyone doing on their goals?  Now that the movers have come and taken over 85% of our belongings, I feel as if our intentions have changed and we can focus on other tasks at hand.  For instance, we have more time to take care of our kids because there is less to clean up.  This past weekend we took Blair out to the pool for the first time.  She has only been in a small pool before, but she loves the water.  Well, this experience did not go so well.


She was all ready to go and anxious to walk out to the pool.  We get completely ready and walk out there.  I walk her around the pool and I could tell she was nervous.  I carried her to the steps and I had her walk in with me.


We took it slow and walked down the steps.  As soon as her feet no longer touched anything, she freaked out and just grabbed hold.  She didn’t want to be on her own.  We worked on trying to get her to kick her legs, but she was just too scared.  I gave her a break, but after that, she stayed away from the edge so she would be away from the water.  I tricked her.  I pointed to where it said no diving at the edge of the pool and I asked her what each letter was.  After we got to D, I grabbed her and got her back in the water for another attempt at kicking her legs.  When she was distracted, I would slowly let go of her and she was fine, until she realized I was no longer holding her.  We’re still working on her swimming and hopefully, the weather will cool down just a little bit, so she doesn’t get overheated.

pool 5

One other goal that I am working at is my reading goal.  I said in my goals that I want to read 1 book per month and, although I am running behind the power curve on that, the amount I am reading is improving.  With our TV taken away, it is much easier to focus my energy into something more productive.  I am reading a couple different books right now and I will get into one more on Friday discussing what I have learned from them so far.  Early in the morning I read a couple pages about love, which starts my mood off great.  Late at night, prior to sleeping I try to read a chapter or two of another book.  Being able to instill better habits in myself, makes me look at everything else that I’m doing, and makes me want to change some of my other bad habits because I am seeing results and I am feeling successful.

Another thing that I am currently working on is creating a journal to offer the readers.  I’ve said time and time again that my goal is to help change lifestyles from negative to positive and to increase productivity.  This journal is a physical item that can assist with that.  I have a concept drawn out, but I’m looking for feedback first on what people want to see in a journal/planner.  If you had the perfect journal/planner, what would you have in it to help keep you organized and on task?


How was the first time you put your children in the water?  Looking back at it, what would you do differently?

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