Quest for Knowledge

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With every journey that is made in life, knowledge is gained and passed on.  “Wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”-Albert Einstein. Two individuals who have always been known for their thirst for knowledge are Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.  Bill Gates reads 50 books a year and Warren Buffett reads 500 pages a day.  They have both explained that they read so much in order to be successful.  Even Mark Cuban reads 3 hours a day.  Warren Buffett says anyone can do it, but most people won’t do it.  And that’s why there are so few people in this world that are so successful.  Yes, success is subjective; however, there is a level of success that people only dream of getting.  And that can starting with the quest for knowledge.


One of the goals of this blog is to create a community of success and to share knowledge and ideas.  My challenge today is for everyone to share some knowledge.  I have a small list of books that I want to read to continue to increase my knowledge and I have looked into courses to take in order to become a certified life coach.  I’ve recently figured out that I would love to do that.  In the comment section below please provide some books that you have learned a lot from and a brief explanation on the purpose of the book.  If you know a course that is worthwhile such as a business course, marketing course, blogging course etc, please provide a link and description in the comment section and please provide a price as well.  A price can be very beneficial to all who come upon it.

Now, let’s talk about progress on goals and life.  One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to get to 250 followers on Twitter.  Then, recently I achieved that goal and because I didn’t want to stop there, my next goal was to get to 500 followers on both Facebook and Twitter.  Well, I have surpassed my yearly goal yet again.  I currently have over 540 followers! It is an amazing feeling to see hard work paying off.  I hope I can continue to grow these followers on every platform and my goal is 1,000 followers by the end of the year!

As usual, things do not always go to plan and all of our original plans on our move to Japan have changed.  Our intent was to fly there at the end of August, but our flight is booked for September 6th.  Oh well.  At least one person is excited to get there!

zoe suitcase

We also got Blair to help out with our cooking and she was very excited with her creation!


I’m excited for the new direction that our life is taking and I hope everyone is doing well on their goals and have not quit.  If you need any help please just let me know and I will do everything I can to help.

Thank you for your support and please share any knowledge you have to offer.  Have a great day!




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