Be Better Today Than You Were Yesterday

If you recognize my title, it’s because it was step 5 in 5 ways to change your life from negative to positive.  This is the goal that we set for ourselves everyday.  It’s not something that needs to get written down, but something that we just embody.  We set goals for ourselves all the time and the easiest time to do that it on New Year’s Day; however, it is important to set goals each and every day.  Every week there needs to be a goal, even every month.  Success does not happen over night and it takes so much time preparing and beating on your craft in order to be successful.  What are you doing to set yourself up with daily, weekly and monthly goals?

One of my goals I set for this year was to get organized.  This has always been one of my struggles because my mind is all over the place and I sometimes feel as if it is better done this way, but it’s not.  Doing it this way makes you forget more of the important things or the little things that aren’t usually brought up.  It’s very important to write things down.  My wife bought me a planner for Christmas and I had bought her a planner.  The ironic thing is that we bought the planner that we actually wanted, but for the other person.  You see, the mind works differently for everyone and what works for one person, does not necessarily work for another. That’s why there are so many products in the world.  My wife likes just a monthly planner to write whatever it is needed to get done.  I feel as if I have so much to do and I can’t write it all down in one small block.  What I prefer is an hourly planner.  I can schedule time to accomplish everything without feeling overwhelmed or that there isn’t enough time in the day because I can physically see there is enough time.

So this week, I have been using a couple different things to maintain my thoughts.  I’ve been using my wife’s planner for the hourly scheduling of events and we bought something the other day to help write down what to prioritize and anything else that I can squeeze into the schedule to get done.


I wish it were sticky, but it’s not.  So, I write down the tasks that could take only a few minutes or something I can get done if I manage to make free time and I rip it off and place it in the planner.  That way I always have eyes on the tasks to get done.

As I mentioned before in this post, I am on the quest for knowledge in books and courses and I have worked on both of these items this week.  My wife and I have been going to the book store on a regular basis and there were a couple of books that kept catching my eye at the entrance of the store.  I decided to buy two of them because in order to become an expert in your field, you must learn as much as you possibly can.  I am currently a third of the way through the first book and I know I can finish it in the next couple of days.  They are very broad ideas, but it helps learn more about the field and what should be learnt in greater detail.

30 sec books

The course I did was a free webinar that explained 3 secrets to improving your audience.  They also used people as example case studies and I wanted to share a bit of one with you.  Mike Kim was a making a 6 figure salary at a fortune 500 company and he began learning about blogging and creating an online presence.  His schedule was very busy and he needed to spend lots of time learning about online tools.  During his commute he would listen to webinars and podcasts to learn as much as he could and spend the 1 hour a day of free time that he had, making a blog and an online presence.  Within 3 years he had earned his 6 figure salary online and decided to leave the Fortune 500 company.  He maximized his time and made sure that he was getting better each and every day.

How do you get better today than you were yesterday?  Simple: Grind, Learn, Organize.  Stop making excuses of being forgetful and not having enough time and make the time you have work.  Organization is not always easy, but if you can master it, you can master anything.


Here are some updates about other things in my life:

Friday I had my last get together with my co-workers making it more real that we will be leaving the place we called home for the past 5 years, where we got married and had 2 kids.  Here is the gift I received from my time here:


Zoe is cutting in 2 more teeth making it very worrysome about the plane ride to Japan.  She has also gotten amazing at standing! Oh, and we found out that she absolutely loves pigs! If you give her a soft pig, her face gets so lit up and she doesn’t know what to do so she screams in excitement and keeps turning her hands and feet! She’s now officially 9 months and getting very big.  28.25 Inches and 19 pounds 3.5 ounces.

zoe standing

How are you doing on your goals? Please comment below on your progress.

13 thoughts on “Be Better Today Than You Were Yesterday

  1. Thank you so much for this. I have lots of things I need to achieve however I do not always find time for to do them, so I end up not achieving a lot. With this, I believe I would do better. Once again thanks for this.

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  2. Organization is key to not being overwhelmed. I set 21 day challenges for myself and they really help me feel like I can accomplish them without it being too daunting of a time table. But I will try to be better today than I was yesterday. Thanks for posting!!!

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      1. 21 Day Challenges are like New Year’s Resolutions that you work on for just 21 days. They say if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit you are more likely to continue. I have a blog post about mine if you want to check it out.…/21-day-challenge-time

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  3. Hey Matt! Thanks for this read! I too struggle with keeping on task. Sometimes I think I procrastinate because I am a perfectionist and move from thing to thing so quickly. lol I also listen to audio books on my commute to work. It’s like an hour a day so I can get quite a few in.

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    1. Hello Sasha! I can be a perfectionist, too. I’m learning it’s not about being perfect because perfection is unattainable. That’s great that you listen to audio books. Do you have any recommendations?


  4. I love this post! This captures my approach to life so well – I believe we all have the capacity for excellence, and the way to get there is simply by improving a little each and every day. In fact, I’m even doing a formal experiment with this (aptly named The Excellence Experiment) and blogging about my experience and how my life changes over time. There’s a Japanese word that captures this: Kaizen – a process of continuous, incremental improvement. You might like a book by Robert Maurer, PhD called “One Small Step Can Change Your Life – The Kaizen Way” – the book did indeed change my life at least, LOL Good luck on your journey!

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