Build Something You’re Proud Of

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Legacy is defined as a thing handed down from a predecessor.  That can be a lasting impression or something you can physically touch.  A legacy should be something that you build over time that you’re proud of.  A legacy can be formed at school, work, social life or anywhere.  So why do so few people care? This is a generation in which everyone talks about making an impact in life so they join groups and conduct protests, but still live their lives in an average way, living day to day.  People are looking to get their name out their,  but that’s it, like a one hit wonder.  If you want to be successful, you need to build something throughout your life, that you are proud of and can be called your legacy.

When a product is first created, there are several revisions and tweaks to create the best version. The perfect product or idea is never created on the first attempt.  Life and technology are changing so much that the first attempt becomes obsolete quickly.  You must continue to work on yourself, just like entrepreneurs work on their businesses.  You have to continue to work on creating the best version of yourself.  Progression is key.

Who you are, defines your legacy.  How you act and how you think, define your legacy.  What kind of life do you want to be remembered for, an average one or a phenomenal one?  From now on, continue to improve yourself and stop being another face in the crowd.  If you don’t want to live the best life you can, then this blog is not for you.

lego creation

Sometimes it’s important to get your hands dirty or get more involved in your life.  The other day, prior to our stuff being packed up, I bought a Lego set and put it together for show and for my daughter to play with because she loves planes right now.  It helped me reminisce on how when I was younger, I wanted to be an engineer because I always wanted to build something.  I enjoy getting my hands involved and I think the Legos helped remind me of that.  That’s why I want to build a business.  I can build something that I want and leaving a legacy, I can hand something down to my children.

Recent update to my 2018 goals, I said I would make at least one video this year and I would also have 100 followers on WordPress.  I decided to combine them and make a video after I get 100 followers.  Currently, I stand at 89.

blair carrierzoe hotel

So, we’ve moved out of our apartment and into the hotel as we wait for our flight on the 5th.  You can see the amazing hotel here.  The kids seem to be excited about the change of environment, even though I don’t think they understand what’s going on.  It’s very bittersweet leaving Texas, as I have lived here for 5 years and most of my biggest memories were made here.  This is where I was able to travel to the Philippines, met my girlfriend for the first time, propose to here, marry her, and have our first pets and 2 kids together.  I feel like this is where I was truly able to become myself and grow into a better person.  Texas will be missed and we discussed retiring in Texas.  There is a lot of great things to do here.

move out

Have you changed any of your goals?  What goals did you change?  Please comment below!


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