Change Is Inevitable

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Hey everyone! Sorry for my absence from writing and sharing for so long.  On the 6th/7th, we finally made it to Japan and we are getting settled in right now while adjusting to the time difference.  The kids are finally getting their body clocks adjusted and on Tuesday, we will be moving into our new home!  We’re currently staying at a hotel until that date.  While all this is going on, it’s a great opportunity to talk about change.

With how the world is today, technology is making us change our ways rapidly.  We’ve become so innovative and inventive that our lifestyle is changing. In order for us to get better as individuals and as a society, we must change for the better.  We can either willingly change and better ourselves, or we will be forced to.  If you don’t make the necessary changes, then you will be letting your life slip and never reach your true potential.  You can be the child that holds their parent’s hand when they tell them to, or the one that gets dragged along while kicking and screaming.  Which one do you want to be?

There are things you can and cannot control.  Focus on what you can control in your life and stop complaining about everything you cannot control.  The more you complain, the longer it will take for you to get anything done.  Make the most of every opportunity that presents itself because it may appear only once.

The travel from Texas to Seattle to Japan was definitely a different experience because of our children.  Most of our time we were focused on taking care of them and making sure they didn’t make any scenes on the plane, (they’re kids, so of course they made scenes), or at least keep them to a minimum.  I’ll make a post about what we did later and how we will change that for the future.  Blair was so excited when she saw the airplane, that she did not want to actual get on it, but rather keep staring at it yelling “Whoa!” Once we got on, she wanted to stare out the window and kept saying “Bye, Texas.” The flight from Seattle to Japan was much longer and she did not want to sit still for too long, but we made it all work in the end.  When we finally got to our destination, Blair was so excited to see Bambi waiting for her at the terminal.  Blair was excited for all of her firsts during this trip, riding in a plane, bus and train, but next time, she’ll get more sleep.


We had some struggles getting Bambi in the hotel with us because there were only a few pet friendly rooms, but after 2 nights, we were able to get her in the room and we have never seen her so happy before.


So, we’ve had a full week in Japan and unfortunately, we can’t do much exploring quite yet because of the rules set in place, but soon we will be doing just that.  It’s been very rainy since the minute we got here and hopefully we can avoid getting sick.  Wednesday, we took a bus tour and explored the immediate area to include how to take the train and bus.  We were able to eat at my favorite place here in Iwakuni and my wife finally understands why I enjoyed it so much!


We visited the Kintai Bridge on the bus tour and Blair got her workout in and we shared some Japanese ice cream. Regrettably, we did not take as many photos as we should have to share our journey with the changes going on in our life, but we will be taking more pictures.  I wish my Fitbit was still functional because it would show you that I have been walking over 20,000 steps almost every day since we’ve been here since we do not have a car, yet.  Another process.


At the end of the day, there are things we can control and things we cannot control, the goal is to focus on what we can control and accept change.  Change means you are moving in the right direction or at least attempting to.

If you haven’t smiled enough, here’s another picture.

zoe japan

Be the change you want to see in the world.  Control what you can change and don’t get overworked on the things you cannot control.  Change can be a good thing if you let it.  What is one thing that has changed for you recently that you are grateful you accepted?  Comment below and don’t forget to follow and share!

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