Goals for 2019

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2018 was full of change with some successes and many failures, but every failure was a lesson in disguise.  2019 will be a difficult year for my wife and I because I will be gone every couple of months for work related events, but that will only make our relationship that much stronger.  2019 will be full of hope for an improved future for our family.  Here are my goals for 2019:

  1.  My biggest goal is my next ambition at work.  It’s one of the reason I am taking on so much in such a short period of time, but through the struggle, growth happens.  I want to make the most of my time in the military and become a Marine Officer.  I will be continuously be working on my resume to submit a package in 2020.
  2. One of my biggest flaws and biggest obstacle to accomplishing goal #1 is that my physical fitness is not what it should be.  Officers are supposed to be elite leaders who others want to emulate.  In order for me to be effective and live a healthy lifestyle, I need to improve my 3 mile run time to 18 minutes and get 23 pullups on my physical fitness test. 
  3. Something that will help my run time and help improve my physical fitness is incorporating swimming into my workouts.  I have never been a good swimmer, but this year I want to become an effective swimmer.
  4. This year is all about physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.  Living a healthy lifestyle is a full-time commitment and in order to do so, I need to be a better nutritionist.  This well help me become an effective meal prepper.  I also would like my wife to help me become a better cook.
  5. In order to accomplish goal #1, I have to have a degree.  I am going to take my last 2 college courses this year and earn an A in each.
  6. Last year, I said I would read 1 book a month and although I read more than I usually do, I still fell short of this goal.  This year, I want to add it to the list again.  I want to read 1 book per month.
  7. It’s important to become better each and every day and that stems from good habits. I have my own habit tracker to ensure I stay on top of what I need to do consistently. In 2019, I will form better habits.
  8. With all of the changes we constantly go through in our family, we haven’t really been able to create our own traditions that we spoke of, such as buying a new Christmas ornament that the kids pick out.  This year, we will create new family traditions.
  9. One of the family traditions we want to do is to create a photo album of each year.  This year, I want us to create a 2019 photo album.
  10. Last year, the goal was to cut our debt in half; however, with the constant and unexpected changes we were unable to do that.  This year, if we plan our cards right, we could have the chance to become completely debt-free.
  11. One thing that has not changed since last year, is our desire to travel.  Now that we are in Japan, we have different traveling opportunities where we can explore other countries in Asia.  I want us to take advantage of the position we are in and travel more and put more pins in our world map, especially Osaka this Spring.
  12. While we are on the subject of traveling, this December will be my wife’s and my 5 year anniversary.  My wife has gone through a lot of changes in these 5 years and I told her that I would make it up to her. I am planning a surprise trip for our anniversary.
  13. My wife and I will try to do something new and plan and execute a birthday party for Blair and Zoe.
  14. My daughter Blair will have one crazy and filled 2019. She will continue to work on her swimming lessons, she will learn to ride a bike, in April she will start school at a Yochien, we will get her to be potty trained and speak more. 
  15. My attitude for this blog is increasing all the time and so is the workload, but I still want to reach more people.  My goal is to have 1000 followers on each platform.
  16. My goal is to continue writing everyday, but post 3 times a week about Motivation Mondays, Inspiration Tuesdays and Elevation Fridays.
  17. Last year, I said I would make a video after I reached 100 followers on WordPress; however, I fell 2 people shy of that goal.  This year, I will not only make 1 video, but will make 1 video per month.  
  18. By the end of this year, I want to make my blog self-hosted.
  19. Last, but not least, it is always my intention to help motivate and inspire as many people as I can and one way I can do that is by being a life coach.  I want to actively pursue becoming a life coach.


2019 will be full of experiences, success and lessons and with this blog, I hope I can take you on my journey and help inspire you.  Stay tuned for more! Please comment below on what your goals are for the new year.


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