New Year, Better Me

Oftentimes, when the new year rolls around everyone makes their New Years resolution and makes their social media posts all about “New Year, New Me.”  Why does it have to be “new me” and why isn’t it “better me?” People are trying to reinvent themselves as if everything they’ve done in the past year or past several years didn’t change them or mean anything to them.  At some point last year, you made progress in your life.  At some point last year you learned some valuable lessons.  So why is this year going to be a new you?  It will be a better you because you’re not going to make the same mistakes.  It will be a better you because you’re going to take those lessons you learned last year and implement it NOW.  It will be a better you because you’re not starting at square one, you’re starting somewhere further down the road to success and your dreams.  This year, make a commitment to yourself to be a better you, the best version of yourself, not a new you.

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New Years resolution become so difficult because people are caught up reinventing themselves, as if reinventing the wheel will solve all of the problems.  People say “New Year, New Me” as if it’s a motivating and deciding factor to pursue their goals and leave everything behind like Hakuna Matata.  But just like Lion King, there is no outrunning your past toward the future.  You have to accept the past and even embrace the past for you to move forward.

If you want to succeed this year in accomplishing your goals and your New Years resolutions, you need to start by changing your mentality.  Give yourself permission to be the best version of yourself.  You don’t need to be a new person to succeed.  You have the ability to be great, to be successful, you just have to believe in yourself and learn from your past and learn from your lessons.

This is the year to stop making excuses and stick with your goals.  Stop comparing yourself to others and compare you to yourself.  Think of how to be the best version of yourself and keep that focus.  Stop saying New Year, New Me and start saying New Year, Better Me.  What’s Your Excuse?

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7 thoughts on “New Year, Better Me

  1. I really liked this post! It’s so accurate! To quote Rafiki from the Lion King…

    “Ah, yes! Yhe past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or…learn from it.”

    It’s good to acknowledge the lessons we learned, despite the difficulties and obstacles. It’s not ok to berate ourselves as though we are terrible people.

    Thanks for the post!!!

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  2. I agree. It’s not about completely reinventing ourselves, but rather, becoming who we’re truly meant to be and carrying out our purpose. This often means cutting out the bad habits which obscure our true selves, which is why some people might think of it as a “new” self, but really you’re discovering who you were truly meant to be all along.

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  3. I really love this post! You are saying totally right – we need to be better and learn from our mistakes and our past. Also, we know that new year isn’t changing us. Only we can do it and it’s not mattering what year, month or day it is. Thank you for this inspiring post! I hope that a lot of people will read it and change their thinking!

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