5 Keys to Success

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There are so many different roads to success.  There are so many principles, characteristics and qualities that we have to instill in ourselves in order to reach the level of success we want in our lives.

5 keys to success

It all starts with an idea; a dream if you will.  Then, you say to yourself, “yes, I really do want this,” and you figure out how to make your dream a reality.  So, you create steps, AKA goals to achieve the dream.  Without goals, your dreams will remain dreams and you will continue to wish it into existence, but you will fail.  If you truly care about the dream, then you need to ask yourself “why?”  Why does this dream matter to you and what will it mean if you were to achieve said dream.  Your purpose will continue to drive you in the direction of overcoming failure and everything else thrown your way.  With your purpose comes passion and with passion comes effort.  You will only get what you put in, so if you give 50% effort, expect 50% results.  Now, if you put in 150%, then you’ll see your necessary progress.  But just because you give 150% today, doesn’t mean you can get away with giving 50% tomorrow.  You have to have the discipline to maintain the effort and maintain greatness.  Discipline will ensure you don’t take days off, even when you feel like you’ve given everything, discipline will remind you that you can continue the grind.  In order to see the progress you have to measure it and hold yourself accountable for your actions.  Make the necessary changes and keep pushing forward.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

If you instill these 5 keys to success in your life, you can be on the road to success:






How will you implement these keys in your life?  What’s holding you back from success?  What’s your excuse?  Comment below.



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