Bigger Leaner Stronger

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If you have been following me for at least the past couple of months, you would know that for Christmas my wife bought me two books, one was a cookbook and the other was Bigger Leaner Stronger both by Michael Matthews.  You would also know that for one of my goals of 2019 was to read at least one book per month.  Last month I was able to accomplish that by finishing the book.  Here’s my take on it.

When I first started reading it, I was not thrilled.  The first 3 chapters were just definitions and I was very tempted to skip those chapters, but I’m glad I did not.  “The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.”-Socrates.  I wanted to skip these chapters  because I felt as if I knew all of the information already, but I still learned several things that I did not know before, such as why white bread is not good for you.

After the definitions, Mike Matthews does an excellent job disavowing several myths when it comes to working out and nutrition.  After the myths are set straight, he goes into great detail of nutrition breaking it down as simple as possible to understand it’s not ok to just “eat clean.”  He discusses the other diets out there and, again, sets the record straight by saying the only way to lose weight is burning more calories than you consume.  His methods are different in how to track it, but if you truly care about your health and getting the body that you want, then following his methods are a must.

After the in depth class on nutrition, he gets into the workout plan.  He makes it so easy that you can make your own plan based off of what he gives you.  You can workout 3, 4, or 5 days in the gym and 4 days of cardio.  DON’T BE AFRAID OF CARDIO!

One of my favorite things about his book is that he didn’t just preach his opinions, but he consistently referenced studies done to show that what he was saying were facts.  This is definitely a book that I will continue to look back at until I get on the right path with nutrition and training and I intend to show as many people as I can.

I would rate it 10/10.

What books did you read in January?  What was the most important thing you learned from it?  If you’re not reading and learning, what’s your excuse?


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