Physical Fitness and Travel in Japan

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Anytime you set a goal, you have to have some way of measuring it, or it is just a dream. You have to know where you’ve started and track your progress until you reach your goal, and then set your next goal to continue the journey.

Here is an update on my 2019 goals:

Two of my biggest goals that we’ve been hitting hard are my physical fitness and our family travels. 

With my physical fitness, I’ve been working on the Bigger Leaner Stronger program and although I have not been following it exactly, I am still seeing results.  I’ve been working on my compound workouts such as squat, bench press, deadlift and military press.  I have already reached new records on all of them.  



The next big things to tackle are ensuring I implement plenty of cardio into my routine and work on my nutrition.  I need to start tracking my calorie intake in order to burn more calories than I am consuming.

This past weekend we were able to travel to Miyajima for the oyster festival and the kids had a blast.  We were able to try some oysters and okinamiyaki, while walking around looking at the Torii Gate and the aquarium.  Both the kids enjoyed their time going on the train and ferry, while the deer would come and try to eat our food.  They also loved the aquarium and Blair was able to pet a penguin! There was one great video that I took of Blair and the deer interacting and she loved it so much, she wanted to keep watching the video and laughing the whole time.  You can see that video here.  

Here are a few pics from the travel:


Here, we are taking pictures at the Torii Gate, hoping the tide will lessen so we can go get up close and touch it.  Unfortunately, it took a took long and the girls were starting to get tired from all of the walking. 


Here are some pictures from the aquarium and the shrine.  The kids loved to interact at the aquarium, and we promised to go to the shrine next time we visit. 


Here are some other amazing pics that we loved!

What goals have you been able to make progress on?  Comment below on your progress and don’t forget to subscribe!

If you’re not making progress on your goals, what’s your excuse?


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