Hold Yourself Accountable

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I have not written a blog post since February 19th.  One of my flaws this year has been holding myself accountable.  At the beginning of the year, I set out and said what my goals were for 2019.  I was also using this blog as a way to keep everyone updated, while holding myself accountable.  In my post 5 Keys to Success , I mentioned how important holding yourself accountable is, but I am failing in showing the successful side of that.  In the past several months, I have shown what your life could be by not holding yourself accountable.  You begin to fall off the road to success and you become lazy, complacent and average.  I used to post every Wednesday the progress of my goals, but typically I would only show a few updates instead of showing the entirety of the progress.  Again, not holding myself truly accountable.  This Wednesday, I will post an updated goal list and the progress I made in the past 6 months on my original list.  There has been some progress, but not enough to be happy about.  Accountability helps show you what you are really passionate about and how badly you want to be successful.


Writing down your goals is the first step to success.  Then comes the discipline necessary to take the first, second and more steps.  After that, you need accountability or some process to evaluate yourself and how well you did or how you can improve, such as a journal.  The more you write down, the better you can become.  You cannot remember everything that happens throughout the day, but by writing things down, you can review more thoroughly.

Progress is important and holding yourself accountable will ensure that you continue making progress.

How do you hold yourself accountable?  Comment below.

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