Success Requires Sacrifice

In order to be successful and reach our fullest potential, we must be willing to make sacrifices.  Period.  A lot of the time, that sacrifice involves time.  You have to be willing to give up time sleeping, in order to continue studying for the exam, gaining more experience or going to the gym. You have to be willing to give up time with friends and sometimes family in order to see a job through, that you know will change your life forever.  If you do not make the necessary sacrifices, you will fail or even worse, settle for being average.

For example, in my posts about my 2019 goals and my updated goals, I mentioned the importance for me to work on my physical fitness and health.  I was committed to making the changes, but I was not 100% in and thus my failure at making progress on the goal.  I was meal-prepping, but only one meal of the day.  I did not make meal plans for the week, I kind of just went with the flow and ate whatever I wanted.  Then, when I would go to the gym, I did not always stick to my planned workout because “I wasn’t feeling it”.  But, to be successful in these goals, I have to be fully committed to the dream.  I have to start watching my calories, sticking to my workout schedule and pushing myself past my limits, past my comfort zone because only then will anyone grow.

What does that mean for me?  That means waking up early and dedicating extra time to my fitness goals.  That means not just going to the gym to lift weights, but to go for runs and swims too.  That means, I don’t always get to eat my wife’s delicious food because I need to stick to a diet.  That means, I have to spend more time in the kitchen, again, outside of my comfort zone, and learn to cook and prepare my meals for the week.

Here are some of the meals I made so far:

meal prepmaple walnut muffins

I’ve already made my chicken for my lunches and dinners with sides of parmesan zucchini and cauliflower rice.  I also made a snack, maple-walnut protein muffins.  I still have to make my breakfast frittata and my matcha fudge protein bars for this week to be successful in meal prep.

We are been fixated on taking the easy road nowadays and we expect things to be handed to us.  If we want to be successful, we must be willing to give up things that we THINK means the most to us for something that we KNOW means the most to us.  Stop letting the fear of failure hold you back from your dream.  Make the sacrifices that are necessary to live the dream.

Give up the junk food and work on that 6-pack abs you’ve always wanted.  Give up those cell phone games ad video games and go for a run or meet someone new.  Give up on watching television and pick up a book or learn a new skill.  Give up some of those impulse buys and start putting your money away in savings.  Stop eating out so much and make a meal for your family.  Focus on what is truly important to you and cut out the excess wastes.

Sacrifice is required to be successful.

What sacrifices are you making to make your dreams come true?  Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe.

9 thoughts on “Success Requires Sacrifice

  1. Hi, nice piece!

    In order to help myself be more successful I’ve given up a lot of time watching tv and keeping up with popular shows. I’ve replaced it with reading, learning new skills and taking up new hobbies. 💋

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      1. I’ve heard that Rich Dad Poor Dad is on everyone’s list of favorite books. I’ve not heard of True Power of Water though. What’s that about? My wife got into crochet for awhile, but after we moved, it became difficult to find good yarn. She’s trying gardening now.

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      2. Cool! Gardening is relaxing, I’m in indoor plant person lol. But the True Power of Water is a NY Times best seller, about water and it’s healing abilities. It’s an interesting read!


  2. This is a totally different approach from other blog posts I have seen and it is so true. I am sacrificing time as well to go to the gym at least twice a week. I normally take a salad to work, so that does not need a lot of prepping, but I also schedule my week in advance as much as possible. I put in when I meet friends or have to be somewhere so I can see the days where I am free and can work out.

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  3. In terms of health I would say staying active in general. We sit too much with the office jobs and I find it hard to move around. I am keen to find more and better ways to incorporate simply walking in my life as this makes a big difference.


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