Maximize Your Time and Develop Your Skill Set

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Whether you are aware or not, everyone has their own philosophy which comes from their values.  It’s just hard to put into words and explain it to people sometimes.  What got me through my life as a teenager and as I grew up in the military were 1. Maximize Your Time and 2. Develop Your Skill Set.  The second one, I have only recently been able to put into a specific concept.  Each one came to at a different time in my life.

At my job, there can be moments of little work required to be done, especially for the younger guys.  When I was in the beginning stages of my career I would maximize my time (specifically at work).  I would focus those 8 hours of work on being as productive as possible, pushing myself to my limit, and when I got off of work I would unwind.  Because I would maximize those 8 hours of work I was able to get ahead of a lot of people in my training and personal development.  People will take notice of your hard work.  I made myself stand out in a good way.  Imagine the progress you could make in your life if you maximized your time, whether that’s at work, at home or your entire day.  How much closer would you be to your dream?  When you take a day off, you’re slowing down your dreams by months or even years.

maximize your time

My second philosophy, Develop Your Skill Set, I established when I was a teenager.  When I was younger, we watched a lot of sci-fi.  Specifically, we loved watching Stargate.  In this show, there was a team of 4 that would go to other worlds and explore, meet new civilizations or fight for their lives.  Each person on the team was vital due to their specific skill sets, so no matter what they encountered, they always had the right person for the job.  They had a leader who had military experience.  They had an alien with military experience and experience with other worlds and civilizations.  They had an astrophysicist who had military experience and they had someone who had multiple PHDs, spoke several languages and understood history and culture.

When I would watch this show, I would ask myself, what could I offer the team? How could I help the team succeed in any mission that we would be tasked with.  That’s when I realized I needed to learn a lot more than I already was.  It wasn’t enough to just go through a high school education, there had to be something more.  A lot of times, that can come from reading books.  If I would have the journey even sooner, I can only imagine how much more knowledgeable I would be on the things I care about the most.

It’s important to start early and maintain discipline to keep your life moving in the right direction.  Maximize your time and develop your skill set.  These are the 2 philosophies that I hold closest to me and they have helped me get to where I am today.   They helped me strengthen my resume for whatever job I wish to pursue and makes me irreplaceable for where I am now. What philosophies or values do you think are the most vital to your life?



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