Stop Making Excuses!

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Humans are ambitious creatures and we all have enormous dreams.  And because we have such enormous dreams, we get a lot of negative feedback, we get caught up in challenges and face many obstacles.  And when we reach these issues, we begin to make excuses on how it’s a bad idea, how it will never work, how we can never overcome the adversity.  It’s our defensive mechanism.  We fear failure, so we would rather just give up now, then fail later and be discouraged.  We make excuses that genetics are holding us back from having a healthy lifestyle, or our co-worker is working so hard it makes me look bad and they’re the reason why I’m not getting promoted.  Our excuses latch onto anything it can get its hands on.  If we really want to make our dreams come true, we need to let go of the fear or push through it and stop making excuses.  Courage is not the absence of fear, but the strength to push through anyway.


In my last post, I explained that you can’t become successful overnight.  It takes a great deal of work and patience to become successful, but the most important thing you can do is start.  If you are idle, it is easy to let self-doubt creep into your mind because you aren’t making progress on your dreams.  You have to consistently put one foot in front of the other to push out the self-doubt. Stop giving yourself an opportunity to make excuses.  Take responsibility for your actions, yes, but that doesn’t mean make excuses.  Learn the lesson of your failures, learn from your mistakes, but keep moving forward.


One of the most common excuses we make is not having enough time.  Well, why do you not have enough time?  Are you prioritizing the important things in your life?  How much time are you wasting in your day for things that are holding you back from your dream, such as playing video games, partying, drinking or sleeping?  There’s nothing wrong with taking a short break to refocus yourself, but you have to refocus yourself or you risk falling behind again and you’ll have to make up ground to catch back to where you left off.  Does that make sense?  You can still have fun while pursuing your dreams, but you can’t just do those things and expect your dreams to happen because they won’t.  Will you love the journey to your dreams?  Sometimes, but there will definitely be moments that will test your mind and your passion and you’ll ask yourself, “is this really what I want?”


No one said your journey to success would be easy because if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.  People will laugh at your dreams because they don’t know what you are capable of and they will be scared if you are able to succeed on these enormous dreams, while they struggle with smaller ones.  There will be criticism all of the time, don’t add to the leeches by making excuses for not being where you want to be.  If you want to become successful, you need to stop making excuses!  You need to stop saying you’ll start tomorrow and start today.  Be consistent with your progress, because even a little progress is better than no progress at all.  Rise and grind, wake up early, push yourself early while everyone is asleep and see who gets the last laugh.  Don’t lose your focus.  Stop making excuses!

What excuses are you telling yourself on why you are not successful?  How do you plan on pushing through?  Comment below.


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