Don’t Let the Doubters Win

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There will be many times when people tell you that you can’t do something.  They will bring up as many things as they can to prove their point because people hate being wrong.  There will also be times where these “reasons” make sense and we begin to doubt our own abilities as well.  But here’s the thing: everyone has these doubters.  The greatest people and the most successful people had their own doubters.  Many people came up with an idea, or tried out for something and repeatedly were told “No, that’s not a good idea,” or “no, you’re not what we’re looking for.”  The best people took the punches and kept pushing their way to success.  They didn’t let go of their dream.  Don’t let the doubters win.

don't let the doubters win

You win when the doubters have nothing left to say.  You win by proving to yourself that you are successful.  It’s not about potential because we all have potential.  It’s about the act of following through, getting hit, but getting back up and actually succeeding.  Success will never come easy because the doubt will come from every angle.  They will come from your family, your closest friends, your coworkers and strangers.  If you want to succeed you have to push through and continually get up.

I’m not saying just ignore them.  Some, yes, you can ignore, but the ones from your family and friends you can use to motivate you.  If people think you’re fat, slow, weak, unhealthy etc, use that when you’re at the gym.  When you feel like giving up because you’re tired, remind yourself what they said.  Each rep that you perform, tell yourself what they said.  You perform one more bench press: “They think I’m weak!”  You perform one more crunch: “They think I’m fat!”  You run one more mile: “They think I’m slow!”  Use the negative energy that they are giving you and you turn that into positive energy.  That’s how you make the doubters quiet.  When they realize that they’re actually pushing you in the right direction, they’re going to slow down with their doubts because many people are scared of your success.  Your success will show them what they are not accomplishing.  They could be grinding and putting in the work, but instead they toss insults and doubts your way hoping it will slow you down enough for them to feel better about themselves.  Don’t let the doubters win.

People think you’re dumb, then read!  People think you’re poor, work harder, save harder!  Don’t let the doubters win.

Always remember your purpose and discipline yourself because those are the keys to success.  If your purpose, your plan and your discipline aren’t strong, then the doubters will ring in your head constantly and you’ll let them win.  You will just prove that they are right to doubt you.  Don’t let them question your work ethic.  You must value yourself and believe in yourself.  Your mindset is everything.  Don’t let the doubters win.

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