What I Learned In July

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The goal is to learn something new every single day or you have wasted your day.  Many people do not reflect over their day to think about the things they learned and then they repeat their own mistakes.  We don’t take enough time in our lives to self-reflect, especially at the end of the day.  I challenge you to write down the things you learned today.  Keep a list and look at the past week and the past month.  Continue learning and progressing and you will learn from your mistakes and your experiences and become successful.  Make your dream a reality.  Here are some of the things I learned this past month:

If you can’t find time in your day to do what’s important to you, then you need to consider your priorities and adjust your sleep.

As I mentioned in my last two inspiration posts, here and here, I was on an operation that took priority in my life.  There were times where I was frustrated with our timeline because I felt like I couldn’t accomplish the things that I wanted to get done.  I had to adjust m own timeline to make progress in my goals.  Sometimes that meant spending less time talking to my family, sometimes that meant I had to sleep later and sometimes that meant I had to wake up earlier.  The most important thing is that my passion was still there.  I had to use my passion, which is one of the keys to success, and focus my energy to my goals.

One of the books I have read is Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven.  He stresses the importance that making your bed has on your mindset.  You start your day off successful by completing your first task.  Every time I would wake up early and take care of one of my goals, I would start my day off great and nothing could stop me.

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In order to be successful, you must lessen or eliminate things in your life.

While I was on my operation, I did not have my car, which meant that anytime I needed to get around I had to walk to get there.  The area was always at an incline or decline so my watch would capture that I was exercising.  This meant that I was losing a lot of calories and knocking out my exercise goals.  I consistently had over 15k steps and 1000 calories burned and ended up losing 5 pounds in three weeks.  A car can be a crutch at times and force you to walk less or use it as an easy out.  Walking a lot more gives me an opportunity to achieve my goals quicker.

You are better than you think you are.

Your mindset is everything.  It’s important to have humility, but at the same time, we never truly know our ultimate potential until we put it to the test.  Climbing Mt. Fuji, I found myself really pushing myself through the first several stations because my mindset was there.  I focused on what was important to me and I pushed through the pain and fatigue I was feeling.  Don’t allow your mind to hold you back.  Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both right.

It’s important to develop your skill set.

I was on a team of 10 people.  Each one of us had our own particular skill set that was instrumental in accomplishing our mission.  If one of us did not live up to our expectations, we would have failed our mission.  When a question or a challenge arose, a different person would step up to complete the task.  Develop your skill set.

Establish your role.

You are not always going to be told exactly who you are or need to be.  You won’t always have the blueprint for success.  You have to figure that out for yourself and make the most of a situation.  Establish your role in a group, a crowd or an organization.  Refer to the skill set you work on and find a way you can help the group.

Preparation leads to success.

When you prepare, it shows, just like when you don’t prepare, it shows.  Would you rather be the person who is successful in a task because you put in the work, or leave room for improvement.  Consider public speaking.  Many people like to do the “wing it” approach and sometimes people get away with it.  But what public speaking blows you away the most?  TED talks are 15-20 minutes long and the speakers have to get the audience’s attention and have their idea heard and understood.  They have to deliver the speech and engage the audience’s thought process.  They take their time to prepare in order to deliver the best speech possible.  Abraham Lincoln said that if he were given the task of cutting down a tree in 6 hours, he would spend the first 4 hours sharpening his axe and the last 2, cutting down the tree.

I challenge you to prepare for your day by writing down 3 things you wish to accomplish in the day.  At the end of the day, write you goals in the comments section and let us know if you were able to complete the goals along with why or why not.


What’s your excuse?


P.S.  I have not been doing as great with my physical fitness and healthy lifestyle that I said I would accomplish as apart of my 2019 goals.  To fix that, I am going to start creating a weekend blog post updating everyone on my progress in both my exercising, my health and my nutrition in order to hold myself accountable.  If you would like to read these posts, please like this post, write it in the comments and subscribe to my blog.  Thank you for your continued support!



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