My Physical Fitness Journey

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Physical fitness is extremely important in my current job and for where I want to go in my life. It is one of my 2019 goals.  I’ve been making some progress in this aspect of my life, lately; however, I know I could be doing a lot better.  I wanted to create a weekend blog post specifically toward my physical fitness, such as my goals and progress, to help hold myself accountable and to show that we can overcome any obstacle and challenge to become successful.

So let’s start with fitness goals:

  1. I would like to become leaner, so my goal is to lower my weight to 185 lbs.
  2.  Like any man, I want to have 6 pack abs.
  3. On my physical fitness tests, I want to achieve a perfect score.
  4. Next year, I would like to participate in a marathon.
  5. I want to lift 225 lbs on the bench press and military press and 315 lbs on the deadlift and squat.
  6. I want to improve my nutrition by creating a detailed meal plan for each week to get the proper macros.

Now, where am I on these goals:

  1. I am currently sitting at 196 lbs.
  2.  My belly shows no pack abs.
  3.  My phsyical fitness test scores are appalling.
  4.  I have not ran more than 5 miles in the past year and a half.
  5.  Currently, my bench press is 135 lbs, military press is 115 lbs, deadlift is 210 lbs and my squat is 225 lbs.
  6.  I meal prep for my lunches and dinners; however, I do not always follow through.

Here are the results of my workouts from this week.  I’ve been following Bigger, Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews, which is the book my wife bought me for Christmas (you can read my review on the book here), and I incorporate Jim Stoppani’s cardio interval training between my workout sets as well.  One of my big issues with my workouts are a lack of planning my ab circuits, which leads me to “winging it” and not pushing my abs hard enough to get the results I want.  The other issue is lack of planning my cardio.  My goal for this week is to write down exactly what I will do for my ab circuits and cardio routine.  I’m also going to create a meal plan for the week to maintain proper nutrition.

This is the first fitness post for my journey and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.  Next fitness post I will bwe telling you how I kept true to my goals and show you the preparation I put together to help stick to my plan.  If I can change my nutrition and gym habits, then anyone can.  What’s your excuse?


During this journey of mine, what details can I provide to inspire or help you in the journey you will or are making?  Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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