Push Past Your Breaking Point

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The past couple of weeks I have stressed the importance of your mindset toward any goal, dream and aspiration you may have.  The reason for that is because you are better than you think you are.  There is greatness in you and you just have to unleash it.  Allow yourself to fail and learn from the lessons.  How will you do that?  You have to push past your breaking point!  You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  You have to understand that the way you start a race will dictate how you will be the rest of the race.  If you believe that you can start running with a short stride and just expect yourself to significantly pick up the pace later on, then you’re wrong.  Your mindset is everything.  Your mindset at the beginning of a race is how your mindset will be for the entire race.

Whatever race you’re doing, such as a race against the clock to turn in an assignment, a race at being the best athlete out there, a literal race, etc, you will get burnt out.  You will hit a wall and think that you’re done or that you’re too tired and you want to quit.  This is the point where successful people are made.  The decision you make at this state is when you will realize what you are really made of you.  You have to push past this breaking point.

push past your breaking point

There are two different people out there when the gas gets low in the car.  There’s the one who says it approaching “E” and they go get gas so they don’t run out of energy for the car and there’s the one who says “I’ll be fine.  Let’s see how far this car will go on an empty tank of gas.”  Yes, it’s great that the first person is being proactive to a sticky situation, but that second person gets to learn the limits of the car and maybe push them a little.  That’s what you need to do in your life.  When you want to ace that exam, but you’re tired and you think you’ll just take a quick nap and then study, you know that you’re “quick nap” will turn into sleeping the night away or sleeping for hours.  I know because I’ve been there.  You have to understand that you’re mind is at “E” and push those limits so your “tank” will continue pushing you through the struggle.  Figure out how you will push through and do it.  Most often that will be about remembering your why.  Why you are pushing yourself in the first place.  No one said it would be easy.

Whatever your goal is in life, you have to push yourself past your breaking point if you want to succeed.  Don’t let a tired mind, a tired body, a tired heart slow you down from be great.  What’s your excuse?

Push past your breaking point

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