First Progress in Physical Fitness

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So, at the beginning of the week I was pretty sick.  I was coughing up mucus, fatigued, sore throat, lost voice etc.  Later, I found out that apparently that was allergies??? Anyway, I pushed through my workouts, but had to change things up a bit.  I did not do any of my cardio interval training in between my sets like I normally do.  I worked out during lunch and did some cardio, but it still needs more attention.  Saturday, my wife and I went on a long walk and will continue to make an effort to do so.

Here are my workout results from the week:

I was unable to get my regular Sunday workout in due to our travel plans and the ridiculous gym hours we have here on the weekends.  The gym is only open 7am-6pm on the weekends.  When you have a family and you want to spend time with your family, these hours make it difficult to do both.

Again, my issue was not having a set plan with my ab circuits and my nutrition.  This week will be different.  I found out that the best calorie intake for me to have the right macronutrients are 2,414 with 238 grams of protein, 277 grams of carbs and 40 grams of fats.  This will help me cut down to a better body fat percentage and have the body and fitness levels that I desire.

Aug 25 week

This week I hit my goal of burning 1000 calories 4 out of 7 days; twice I was between 900 and 1000; and I have no idea what happened on that Friday.  Next week, I’ll have 1000 calories burned all 7 days.

What I am doing right now is making an excel worksheet showing the macronutrients of the foods I will be eating in the future to ensure I stick to my limits of calories.  In order to meet these nutrition goals, I will have to commit to intermittent fasting and eliminate all of the extra caffeine I tend to intake.  You must be fully committed to a healthy lifestyle if you expect to achieve your fitness goals.

Next weekend, I will show the nutrition worksheet that I am creating and how I was able to achieve my nutrition goals.  I will also show the ab circuits and cardio plan that I do.

Comment below on your fitness journey.

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