The End of 2019

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Here we are at the end of the road of 2019 with another year right around the corner.  This is the perfect time to reflect on this past year, if you haven’t already, and start preparing for the next chapter, or the continuation chapter, of your life. Progress is essential for people to be happy.  If you are stagnant and not moving forward, regret, anger and depression will all take a toll on you.  Find your notebook or journal and create a better action plan today before it’s too late.

The progress I made this past year in my blog were not as good as it should have been.  I did not follow one of my 5 keys to success which is discipline.  I had almost 800 less views in 2019 than I did in 2018. I was not as active in writing posts and posting in social media as I was in 2018. My best post was my review of the book, Bigger, Leaner, Stronger, which is about a physical fitness program that I incorporated into my life this year. I had a lot of obstacles this past year; however, in 2020, I know how to better handle those obstacles.  

Based off of the goals I set for 2019, here is how I did:

  1. Become a Marine Officer.  The first 2 of my 5 keys to success are passion and purpose.  Somewhere during the year, that passion and purpose became muddied.  Because of this, I decided that it wasn’t the best plan for me.  I have scratched this goal out.
  2. Improve my 3 mile run to 18 minutes and my pullups to 23 on my physical fitness test.  This goal was a caveat to the first goal; however, physical fitness and health is very important to me.  I did not have the discipline required to achieve this goal, but it was also a very difficult goal to achieve with my original state so far behind the curve.  I should have focused significantly more effort on my run.
  3.  Become an effective swimmer.  This goal fell flat because there wasn’t an action plan to achieve it, nor was it measurable.  Next year, I intend to swim at least once per week to get over my fear of water and improve my cardiovascular health.
  4.  Become an effective meal prepper and become a better cook. I definitely gained traction on this goal as I learned how to make more meals and healthier meals; however, there were times where I could not find the energy to meal prep and would waste money and food in the long run.
  5.  Achieve an A on my last two college courses.  This was a goal that I successfully completed in June.
  6.  I want to read 1 book per month.  I read more books than I normally do and I’ve improved my reading habits; however, I still fell short of one book per month.  This will be a recurring goal, though.
  7.  Form better habits. I feel like some of my habits improved, but not enough to say that I accomplished the goal.
  8.  Create new family traditions. Some new traditions were made, but next year will be a lot better.  Blair and Zoe were able to pick out their own ornaments, but next year, we will get them their own little tree to decorate.

    Zoe chose Woody and Blair chose Olaf.
  9.  Create a 2019 photo album. My wife and I have certainly taken our fair share of photos this year and she is currently working on the photo album. I’m excited to see how it turns out.
  10.  Become completely debt-free.  This was a fail on multiple levels.  Income did not come through when we expected it to and it’s almost the new year and that money still hasn’t arrived.  This will be a top 3 goal for 2020.
  11.  Travel more and put more pins in our map, especially Osaka in the Spring.  This was both a hit and a miss.  Unfortunately, the trip to Osaka had fallen through, but we replaced it with going to the Philippines for the first time in 4 years.  The kids loved the Philippines, especially their first times at the beach, they kept asking to go back.  They still ask.  We also made a trip to Beppu, Japan for Blair’s and Zoe’s birthday and they got to see Harmony Land and we all saw the 7 Hells of Beppu.  Next year, there will be more traveling.  Plans are already being made.
    Harmony Land:

    The Hells of Beppu:

    The Philippines:

  12. Plan a surprise trip for our anniversary.  I was unable to plan an anniversary trip due to goal #10, but we are making plans to take a trip in the Spring.
  13.  Plan and execute a birthday party for Blair and Zoe.  My wife originally did not want to plan a party, but at the last minute, she changed her mind.  We planned a quick birthday party for them and learned how to improve upon it for next year.
  14.  Find more activities for Blair.  This was a great year for Blair.  She started preschool at a Yochien and speaks more Japanese than my wife and I.  We discontinued the swimming lessons due to time management, but we filled those voids with other activities where she was able to socialize.  Her speech has significantly improved and she’s finally potty-trained! In 2020, we will have a better plan on teaching both Blair and Zoe and getting them more involved.

    Blair getting ready for her dance recital.
  15.  1000 followers on each platform.  My social media platforms did improve a little bit; however, I was not as involved this year as I should have.  Expect better things from me next year.
  16.  Post 3 times a week.  This became increasingly difficult with all of my goals and my time management.  I still intend to keep this schedule for next year.
  17.  Make 1 video per month.  I have yet to create a video like I’ve been wanting to due to lack of knowledge and time management.  I intend to create a video soon enough, though.
  18.  I want to make my blog self-hosted.  Again, #10 came into play and they income we were expecting did not come in, yet.  I intend to fix this in 2020.
  19. Actively pursue becoming a life coach. After I completed my Bachelor’s degree, I began to pursue a life coach certification and in July, I did just that.  I am a certifed life coach. 
    Officially a certified life coach! (1)


What were some of your major accomplishments this year? What setbacks did you have?  What excuses did you make that prevented you from making progress? Please comment below.


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