Goals For 2020

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Another year has come and gone and with the New Year here, it is time to reset our negative and unproductive mindset or continue the great stretch we’re in. Either way, this is the perfect opportunity to reestablish your goals by creating a main long-range 2020 goal. Other goals can be created as short-range and mid-range goals to help facilitate the long-range goal.

In my last post, The End of 2019, I expressed my previous goals and the progress I made, whether I passed or failed. As I am now a year more mature, I realized that some of the goals weren’t actionable or measure, such as “become an effective swimmer.” It sounds more like a wish than a goal or an action plan. This year, I intend to change my approach to my goals. Also, I wrote my goals down in list order; however, they were grouped in similarity because I thought it flowed better, which I feel hurt me in the long run. What I should have done and how I will do from now on is write them based off of priority. It’s important to prioritize our goals so we are not spreading ourselves so thin that we accomplish nothing in which we intended.

Here are my goals for 2020:

  1. After realizing that my overall goal last year became muddied, I wanted to create a goal that is a true reflection of me and what I stand for. I wanted to make a long-term goal that I could progress toward daily. I want to become an exceptional presenter/educator. I will do that by continuously working on my public speaking skills and giving classes and periods of instruction.
  2. 2019 was not kind to us when it came to our finances. Income we were supposed to get we did not, we did not stick to our budget like we should have either. The ultimate goal is to become debt-free; however, with how much is stacked against us, I feel as though we would have to cut off all activities for ourselves and our children, which is out of the question. So, our 2020 goal is to cut our debt at least by half.  The way we can accomplish this is by removing our mindless spending and have more discipline when it comes to our indulgences and cravings.
  3. Last year, my goal was focused around my physical fitness test; however, I did not create a workout plan that was specific to that goal. In fact, my cardio was pretty much non-existent as I focused on lifting weights to counter the lack of self-confidence I have in my image. This year I will focus on improving my cardiovascular health before I focus on lifting weights in the gym. I want to weigh a lean 185 pounds.  I intend to keep you all updated and hold myself accountable by making a fitness journey post every Sunday, which you will be able to follow under the inspiration tab.
  4. With goal number 3 being so important, this goal has to be a caveat to it. Last year, I said I wanted to become an effective swimmer, but that goal is not actionable or measureable. This time my goal will be written better: I want to become an effective swimmer by going to the pool once every week.
  5. Each year I have gotten better at using my planner, but this year I want to really focus on using it to its full capabilities. I want to utilize my planner to improve our planning.   The reason this goal is so high on the list is because we missed out on a lot of opportunities in 2019, especially near the end of the year.  A lot of our Christmas traditions didn’t happen and that’s very disheartening.  Things we want to plan for next year are pictures with Santa, getting an advent calendar and using Elf on a Shelf.  Also, we want to begin planning for Blair’s and Zoe’s birthday party sooner rather than later.
  6. As Blair and Zoe are growing up, they are getting more active and curious about the world. I want to keep them engaged in activities. Zoe will be of age to go to the Yochien beginning in April to go with her sister. We are also considering swimming lessons in the summer and Blair will continue to attend her dance classes.
  7. I fell a little short of my reading goal last year, so I want to bring it into the new year and knock it out of the park. I want to read 1 book per month.  I have not been setting time aside everyday like I should and I intend to set aside at least 30 min a day to read.  I have several books in mind to begin reading starting with The Exceptional Performer.
  8. In order to continue growing my blog and my brand, I need to continue writing and setting aside time daily to write. Usually, the time I can write is 4-7A.M. which means I will have to create a better morning routine as well.  I want to write 3000 words per week.
  9. We began traveling more toward the end of the year, but we traveled nonetheless. We traveled to Yanai, Beppu, Safari Land and the Philippines. Our goal is to travel more this year, than we did in 2019. We already have plans to go back to the Philippines and Bali (dream destination), while we also expect at least one other country, preferably, and more traveling through mainland Japan. But, on top of that, I want us to travel with a purpose. That purpose can be visiting local coffee shops or trying a new activity nearby, but I want to create better memories with my family.
  10. While I continue working on my blog, I need to continue growing my social media presence. Some platforms are easier to grow than others, but here is my specific goal: I want to gain 1000 followers on Facebook, 500 on WordPress and 1,500 on Instagram and Pinterest.  What that means is that I will have to create specific strategies for each platform to maximize time and potential.
  11. As the next step in my business, I want to create a product that I can distribute to my followers.  Whether that is a freebie when you subscribe, a pdf you can buy or something else, I am not sure, yet.
  12. Now that I am a certified life coach, I want to take the next step in establishing my dream. I want to provide services to at least 2 clients as a life coach.  Before I start providing a service, there are a handful of steps I have to take first including setting up all of the paperwork and tools to help each client.
  13. One of my 5 keys to success is accountability. With my goal #5, I intend to establish action plans to achieve my goals; however, I want to maintain a reflection journal in order to learn from my day’s work and hold myself accountable.
  14. I’ve consistently not made it a priority, but I want to, again, continue growing my brand. I want to create at least one video. This is a difficult thing for me to do because of my self-confidence; however, I am determined to push past my fear.
  15. Learning never stops and I completed 2 huge goals last year in achieving my Bachelor’s degree and my certification as a life coach. I want to continue my educational journey. I want to attend local classes and webinars of all sorts to learn more about business, leadership, communication, blogging, etc.
  16. One thing I have certainly been lacking in is my passion for volunteering. In Arnold Schwarzenagger’s 6 keys to success, he has giving back as number 6. I want to find opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community.
  17. Although this is the last goal in priority, it is the closest to my heart. It is immeasurable, therefore written last. My wife and I have just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and I owe her so much and at times, I feel as if I don’t do enough for her. If I were to look back at who I was before I met her, to the man I am today, I would not believe the changes and progress I’ve made. She has always made me want to get the most out of life and share that experience with others. In my current profession, I am often times sent away for weeks and months at a time, leaving her at home alone with our two children. She has been a true champion, the real MVP. In light of all this, I feel like she deserves more from me. The goal closest to my heart is to be a better husband and to remind her that she made the right decision to uproot her whole life by choosing meimg_1222.


It is my intention to re-evaluate my goals monthly and create monthly report card of the goals I set in place, providing the consistent progress I am making in my life. I encourage you to share your progress as well. Please hit the follow/subscribe button to get updates on my goals and to receive your motivational and inspirational encouragement.

What is your main goal for 2020? What action plan are you creating to make your dream a reality? What excuses are you making? Please share in the comment section below.


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